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Should the U.S. Consider Implementing Four-Day Work Weeks?

Earlier this month, global headlines reported that Iceland had seen great success with their 2015-2019 trial of a four-day workweek involving about 1%...

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It’s Time to Rethink Candidates’ Criminal Records

There is a major labor shortage, especially in the hourly wage worker market — to the point that it’s crippling businesses since they are unable to op...

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Bringing Employees Back to the Workplace

As companies move forward, and if they choose to do some type of hybrid of remote and in person work, the paramount concern for employers should remai...

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What Recruiting Trends are Here To Stay?

Recruiting today looks vastly different than it did 2 years ago. What recruiting trends are here to stay? What recruiting trends will continue to shap...

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What to do when an employee quits unexpectedly

With large amounts of people quitting their jobs everyday, it is likely that you will be faced with this situation at some point in the future, if you...

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3 Ways to Help Remote Employees Find Connection and Thrive

The global pandemic has changed the way we work in so many ways. Perhaps one of the most significant changes is the number of people now working remot...

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Can We All Work In Harmony?

Since the beginning of time, humans have collaborated together to create some of the most incredible civilizations, technology, art and demonstrations...

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How to Recruit and Train Top Talent

The war for talent is fierce. With so many companies competing for the best and brightest, how can you make sure that your company comes out on top? T...

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Reinventing HR

In 2014, Netflix reinvented the HR system. We can still learn from them today, even though some of their ideas could be considered radical.

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Attracting Talent to the Organization

Every industry has trouble hiring. Talent Acquisition is top of the list of Human Resource challenges this year due to the Great Resignation. Competit...

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