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Could the U.S. Really Move to a Four Day Work Week?

The pandemic is responsible for opening our eyes to the importance of “quality of life.” We were all confined to our homes in the blink of an eye, and...

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How to negotiate the Best Job Package

Getting the most value for your time is a learned skill and it's an essential one to master in order to negotiate the best deal for yourself. There ar...

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Should the U.S. Consider Implementing Four-Day Work Weeks?

Earlier this month, global headlines reported that Iceland had seen great success with their 2015-2019 trial of a four-day workweek involving about 1%...

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The Best Negotiation Practices for Landing Your Sales and Marketing Dream Job

The dream job takes many shapes and forms, as it’s subjective and we all have different ideals of what that role would manifest as. While a dream job ...

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