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What Recruiting Trends are Here To Stay?

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What Recruiting Trends are Here To Stay?

Recruiting today looks vastly different than it did 2 years ago.  What recruiting trends are here to stay?  What recruiting trends will continue to shape the industry?  How have the responsibilities of a recruiter changed since the onset of Covid-19?  These are all questions that will be answered in this article!  

#1 Virtually Recruiting Remote Workers

Virtual recruiting and hiring became the new norm for employers and recruiters during the pandemic, and it is here to stay.  COVID-19 sparked the process of full end to end hiring processes.  Now, it is a common practice to do video interviews with candidates and complete the hiring process without ever meeting face to face!  

#2 Internal Mobility

Internal Mobility is a must have post-pandemic.  Recruiting Departments will have an opportunity to build a company from within and build internal mobility programs.  Companies will have employees skill sets on file to tie them with job opportunities present within the company.  Companies will place more emphasis on learning and development as well.  They will pour their resources into their employees to ensure they are reaching their full potential and to make sure they are in the right role!

#3 Diversity 

Recruiters are playing a huge role in creating diversity within the company.  Using outsourced recruiting firms, companies are more likely to increase the diversity of candidates within their company verses finding candidates themselves.  Recruiting firms are more likely to have technology that reduce bias within the hiring process as well.  Remote work will also open the positions up to underrepresented groups that may live in other areas.

#4 Employer Brand

Your employer brand will become increasingly important as recruiters try to "sell" the job to candidates.  The employer brand will revolve around empathy and actions.  Employers will want to make sure that their company brand is aligned to be empathetic and compassionate towards the candidates' needs.  Additionally, the employer brand should be able to prove this empathy and compassion through actions.  Allow for flexibility, get involved with the community, be transparent with employees, etc.  

Employers will also want to make sure that the recruiters are projecting the correct brand to candidates.  Since recruiters are going to be on the front line of the majority of candidate interactions, it will be necessary that they immerse themselves in the employer brand.

#5 Adaptability

One constant that recruiters can depend on is the ability to be adaptable.  Some recruiters will continue to hire for the same industries and roles, but many will be asked go beyond just hiring, such as personal development.  

Recruiters are adding skills such as the following:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Decision-making
  • HR strategy

These skills will play an integral role while recruiters are helping to reshape employer branding, clarifying talent data, and cleaning up/ creating the virtual hiring process.

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