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Why Recruiting Engineers is Difficult

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Why Recruiting Engineers is Difficult

There are many challenges when it comes to recruiting engineers.  Engineering positions require a specific skill set with specific credentials.  Mixing that with the talent shortage that everyone else is facing, you can see why it is difficult to recruit engineers.  While the pool is small, there are some things that employers can do to improve their chances of recruiting engineering talent.

Length of time to hire

On average, positions take about 43 days to fill.  However, for engineering it is 58 days.  Most of this is tied to the technical nature of this position.  Candidates have to be thoroughly vetted to make sure they encompass the necessary skills to be successful in the position.

Figuring out a process that will enable you to make a decision/ hire faster, could result in your company recruiting the talent you need.  This doesn't just go for engineers- it goes for every industry.  While candidates are waiting from a response from you, they are being targeted by other companies that are in need and could be stolen out from under you.  Decreasing time to hire, will increase your chances in recruiting talent.

Focusing primarily on salary

Recruiters may be putting too much emphasis on offering the right salary to candidates.  Engineering candidates have a higher expectation when in comes to salary.  Smaller organizations could have trouble keeping up with the high salaries that larger organizations are able to provide.  

For this reason, recruiters need to start emphasizing the whole picture.  Place emphasis on benefits, opportunities within the company, company culture, etc. when talking with candidates.  Don't just sell the job, sell the company.

Complex Job Qualifications

As mentioned before, the specific job qualifications and skillsets are difficult to find in talent pools.  Often times, job descriptions are over done where even candidates that are experienced and specialized will not be qualified.  

So, simplify the job description as you are writing it.  Consider which qualifications the role absolutely requires.  These are the items you need to include.  The rest are wants and not needs and can be discussed in the interview to explore the candidate's capabilities.

Follow these tips to improve your recruiting efforts within your engineering company or department!

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