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Free HR & Talent Acquisition Resources in COVID-19

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Chris Nichols
Free HR & Talent Acquisition Resources in COVID-19

Maximize your HR & Talent Acquisition resources through the Coronavirus pandemic

While it is as crazy a time as we have ever seen; it is now a great opportunity to try new tools to optimize performance and spending in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition!  

At least 9 companies are offering free tools or software during the COVID-19 crisis.  Below is a list of each with their offering.  Links are in the name of the company to see full details of their release.

Free / in-kind HR & TA Resources

  • Appcast -  $337,000 in free advertising dollars for any governmental agency, healthcare system, or non-governmental agency.
  • Talroo - Free marketing automation software to healthcare companies to boost candidate engagement and interest
  • Arya (Leoforce) - Complimentary access to its AI recruitment platform for companies identified as essential businesses per government officials.
  • Butterfly.ai - 90 day license for highly specialized frontline workforce employee engagement utilized to keep employees connected & engaged 
  • Lever + Zoom - Remote interviewing with Zoom is free through May 31st
  • Gr8 People - Free use of its Campus & event Recruiting solution (think virtual hiring events) 
  • SHL - Free access to its virtual solution suite which includes live video interviewing, virtual assessments, and Coding Interviews
  • PandoLogic - Grants for free advertising dollars
  • eTeki - Global access to create secure, unique video URLs for each IT candidates they need to meet with and use eTeki’s video interviewing environment to evaluate coding capabilities, converse over a whiteboard, or share screen to review past project examples
  • Engagedly - Free use of it Remote Work Toolkit used to enhance employee engagement through September 30th
  • endevis - Reduced launch fees, streamlined scalable recruitment solutions

Curious to learn more about how endevis is helping small companies get bigger and big companies get better? Let’s talk about your recruiting strategy, and how we can help. 

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