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How endevis Saved Christmas

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How endevis Saved Christmas

The Problem

It was December 1st, twenty-four days before Christmas, and Santa was scrambling to get all the toys built on time.  His upcoming deadline was approaching and he had exactly twenty-three days to make sure that everything was perfect for his big night, but HE JUST COULDN'T FIND HELP!  The elves, who were already working tirelessly, were asked to pull double shifts in an attempt to make all of the toys on time. Everyone was exhausted!  He thought to himself, "There is no way that I can be successful on Christmas if I can't find any help."  

Santa immediately searched LinkedIn. As he was scrolling, he saw an advertisement for a company that could help him with his problem- endevis.  Santa saw that they were experts in recruiting and were willing to take on any job, no matter the size!  So, Santa frantically called them to explain his dilemma, needing to fill 500 elf roles in such a short amount of time!  endevis accepted the challenge without hesitation!

The Solution

Quickly, endevis scrambled the team together and got to work!  They searched their candidate databases for hours on end, posted advertisements, sent countless emails, and posted all over social media to find candidates.  Time was not in their favor, but they knew they had to fill these roles to save Christmas!

Application after application rolled into the database.  The team set up automations to get interviews scheduled quickly while endevis's team interviewed for these roles continually.  The candidates' experience ranged from high toy-making experience to fresh out of Elf School.  Santa was astounded at how efficient endevis was at filling his roles!

After hours of sourcing, interviewing, and hiring candidates, the last hire was made.  With three days to spare, endevis filled each and every one of Santa's roles.

With endevis's help, The North Pole gained 500 new employees. They were able to ramp up toy production and the assembly line now resembled the hustle and bustle of how Santa remembered Christmas. As Santa double checked his list, the elves hastily packed Santa's sleigh after putting the final touches on each toy. Finally the big moment arrived. Santa flew off into the night to deliver all the toys without a moment to spare. Christmas was saved!

At this time, the labor pool is continuously decreasing and finding talent is very difficult.  endevis has the tools and the team to help you find your "elves."  We will take on the job no matter the size or timeframe.  Let us help you fill your roles today!

endevis, powered by, is a national talent & workforce solutions provider in North America. With expertise across healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain, technology, and professional services, the organization has won numerous awards in Direct Contingent and Retained Search, Professional Contract Staffing, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions. For more information, please email

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