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What is Sourcing in HR and Recruiting?

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What is Sourcing in HR and Recruiting?

This has become a popular question, and no, we are not wizards (well, we kind of are). A quick Google of “What is sourcing in HR” nets a return of “sourcing is the process of finding resumes within the recruitment process”. (

Great, but anyone can do that…right? Well kind of, but good sourcing is much deeper than that.  It is a hunter mindset.

As a Sourcer, we must ask ourselves 3 questions.

  1. What do I need to know about the job requisition?
  2. What does the hiring manager not know they want?
  3. And then, what else do I need to know about the role and/or market?

Before recruiting went digital, sourcing was as simple as calling a company directory until you got past Karen at the front desk. Yes, that still works, but it’s not always the best approach.  Let me show you why below.

A Sourcing Request in 2019


Or in a fewer words, we could describe the above hiring manager request as the rare purple unicorn squirrel in the wild! You came here because you wanted to know what sourcing was didn’t you? Sourcing is reading the job description and building a strategy.

If the position is new, ask for an intake call with the recruiter to gain a better understanding. So now you’re thinking, “Wait, aren’t you just a recruiter?”  My response is something like, “Nope, but I sure can make a recruiter look good!”

How does it help drive HR Strategy?

Today, sourcing has become an integral part of any successful company’s talent acquisition strategy. To source candidates effectively, a sourcer needs to have a deep understanding of the industry and the job request they are working.

Remember Karen?  Since we won’t be able to get past her, we need to think outside of the box.

Questions sourcing team should be asking before mining candidates:

    1. What are the market analytics? Salary & Benefits – Internal & Competition and Geographic Supply & Demand
    2. Where are our current candidates working?
    3. What is the digital footprint of these candidates to maximize advertising spend?

After these question are answered, the sourcing team at endevis quickly puts together a search strategy. For a simpler search, it can range from simply pulling names from a company directory to obtaining personal contact information to send to a recruiter.  For more passive candidates, the use of social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn becomes a great tool.

Fun fact: Only 55% of recruiters state Facebook as a source while 87% are using LinkedIn (Talent Works)

There are more daily active users on Facebook vs. LinkedIn.  While LinkedIn is the professional networking service, it may not be the source for all of your candidates.  As an organization, it is important that you keep an open mind about your candidates and truly understand where you will locate them.  If you are hiring say, maintenance technicians or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), you may have to get creative with your social searches to find qualified candidates.

While using resume database and social media sites are great, every good sourcer also has a more advanced tool box use regularly to find the best candidate. A few of my favorite tools are:

  1. Prophet 2 – Tool that assists in email verification and serves as a people aggregator to find candidates
  2. Hiretual – Assists in creating Boolean searches and cross referencing to find candidates
  3. Swordfish – Helps in finding cell phone numbers, email addresses, and social profiles of targeted candidates

At endevis RPO, we have taken a holistic approach and what we call an Innovation team.  We understand that it is vital to have an all-encompassing approach to sourcing that includes resume discovery, recruitment marketing, drip marketing and screening amongst a variety of other duties.

Ultimately, sourcing is an integral step in the recruitment cycle.  Leaving the top of the funnel only to inbound candidates is both expensive, inefficient, and ineffective.  If you have question about sourcing, recruitment, or would like to hear about how we can help automate the front of your recruiting cycle connect with our team here.

What does endevis do?

endevis RPO‘s goal is to help organizations build sustainable recruitment processes that increase applicant flow, employee engagement, and retention. As a partner to your business, endevis aligns itself on a strategic level.  The leadership team assists its clients with recruiting process creation, recruiting management, talent marketing, and retention.

The team works to attract, connect and match people with positions which creates successful experiences for companies and the candidates.

endevis is a HRO Today Baker’s Dozen award winner and an innovator in talent engagement. endevis excels in motivating and engaging talent on all levels, while driving organizations in the planning, selecting, and developing of great talent through three distinct business solutions.

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