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How HR is Affected in the Recruitment Process

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How HR is Affected in the Recruitment Process

The Recruiter's Role

So what does a recruiter do?  How are they different from HR?  

A recruiter is a person that fills the position.  The recruiter will speak with Hiring Managers and look at past positions to develop:

  • the positions that need to be filled
  • a job description
  • a strategy for finding candidates

Depending on the job, the recruiter is also responsible for job interviews and selecting the candidate to fill the position.  In other instances, the recruiter will schedule interviews for the hiring manager.  The recruiter combs through resumes and countless applications to present the Hiring Managers with the best candidates for the job. 

Throughout the process, the recruiter is in constant communication with HR and Hiring Managers.

Human Resources' Role

Human Resources typically comes into play after the candidate has been selected.  The HR professional will then take charge of the onboarding process.  After the onboarding process, the HR professional will continually ensure that the employee is engaged and happy with their new role.  HR will make sure the new employee is sufficiently trained and address any of the employees' needs. 

The Process 

Typically the process of utilizing an external recruiting company seems hard to understand, but it is pretty simple.

Here is the simplified generic breakdown:

  • The company contacts the external recruiting service
  • Recruiters start on a strategy to fill positions (through the tactics mentioned above)
  • Recruiters work with HR and Hiring Managers to see which candidates would be the best fit
  • Candidates are selected and go through an interview process
  • The candidate that is the best fit is selected and awarded the job.
  • The new employee gets passed to HR for onboarding.

This process could look slightly different depending on which recruiting solutions are selected, but overall, this is what it will typically look like.

Here is a list of our current solutions that we offer in order from most integrated to least integrated:

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Professional Contract Staffing
  • Professional Direct Placement

Click on the link to get a better and more specific idea about how each can help your HR leaders and Hiring Managers.

The Benefits of External Recruiting

Many benefits can come from utilizing an external recruiting service.  

#1 is that it takes a lot of stress off of your HR leaders.

Other benefits include:

  • Faster time to hire
    • Recruiters are focused on speed and quality of hire.  They usually are not paid until the job is filled.  Recruiters will fill the position as timely as possible while still focusing on finding a 5-star candidate.
  • Access to high-quality candidates
    • Recruiting agencies have access to large databases full of candidate information that most HR departments do not have.
  • Knowledge of industry 
    • Recruiters have access to technology to give you insight and information about the current market, including salary info, market trends, career info, etc.
  • Access to passive talent
    • The databases that recruiters pull from include candidates who may not be looking for a job at that particular time, but recruiters can reach out to them if they believe they are a good fit.  

These are just some of the many benefits that can come from an external recruiting service.  By taking advantage of external recruiting, your company will have access to candidates and data that an internal HR Professional would not typically have.  Access to more extensive databases of candidates will allow you to fill positions quicker and more efficiently, which will take the stress off of your internal HR team and Hiring Managers.

endevis has evolved into a national talent & workforce solutions provider with offices throughout the nation. With a focus on healthcare, engineering, and IT staffing, the organization has won a handful of awards across its Professional Direct Placement, Professional Contract Staffing, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions. For more information, please email

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