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Do you still love your job?

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Do you still love your job?

Look back to when you first started your job. 

How did you feel?  Did you feel excited?  

Chances are you picked out your outfit the night before.  You couldn't wait to meet your coworkers and were pleasantly surprised to see that everyone was just as friendly and helpful as you imagined.  After your first day, you probably thought that you would love it.

Is this how you feel now?  Are you still as excited and enthused about going to work every day?  Are your coworkers as friendly and helpful as they were the first day?  If not, maybe it is time for a change.

At endevis, we believe that everyone deserves a job that they look forward to every day.  We know that if you are in the right career, you will love it even in year 10.  

Unsure about how to look for a new job?

Take a look at our articles about best practices for resumes and interviews.  

There are many tips that can elevate candidates above the rest that are often skipped over when applying for jobs.

  • the correct resume format
  • a proper header
  • a career objective
  • researching the company
  • create an online presence
  • have a unique skillset
  • practice for the interview

These are just some examples of what you can do to ensure that the recruiter or employer is taking notice of you. 

If your current job isn't where you want to be 10, 20, or 30 years from now, maybe you should consider a change.  This is where we can help!  We are experts in finding the right job for the right people!  You can start the process by browsing through our current job openings and filling out our candidate form.  We will take it from there!  Before you know it, you could be in a career that you really love!  

endevis has evolved into a national talent & workforce solutions provider with offices throughout the nation. With a focus on healthcare, engineering, and IT staffing, the organization has won a handful of awards across its Professional Direct Placement, Professional Contract Staffing, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions. For more information, please email ROI@endevis.com.

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