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The Future of Recruiting

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The Future of Recruiting

The way we recruit is constantly changing with new technology introduced every year.  What does the future look like for recruiting?  

The Facts

Now, more than ever before, Americans have ambient technology in their homes.  It is hooked up to their homes, appliances, phones, computers, etc.  According to OC&C Strategy Consultants, 55% of households are expected to own smart speaker devices by 2022.  People of all ages are continuing to increase reliance on these devices.  In 2020, 30% of all web browsing sessions were screenless (Gartner).  This number will continue to grow in the future.

How will it work?

While we are unsure of how exactly this technology will work with recruiting, we have some ideas.  Soon, we will be able to look at an Alexa, Siri, etc., and ask to send our resume to x company.  Or even search for jobs that would be a good fit in a certain area.  This technology is getting more and more complex and powerful.

How is AI helping to recruit now?

The answer to this question is simple- chatbots. Chatbots are extremely helpful with talent acquisition.  Chatbots offer many benefits to recruiters, including:

  • removing bias
    • this increases diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts
  • saves time
  • fast response rates
  • 33% faster time to hire with use of chatbot (XOR)

These are the main reasons that recruiters are thankful for chatbots.  The majority of the time, the chatbots can respond to questions within minutes.  Another benefit- artificial intelligence doesn't sleep, so they can schedule candidates while you are sleeping!

In brief, AI is going to continue to play a huge role in recruitment.  Ambient Technology and Chatbots are just the beginning.  We are excited to see what the future of recruiting holds.

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