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Data Solves Recruitment Questions

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Chris Nichols
Data Solves Recruitment Questions

endevis partners with EMSI to provide free recruitment data to help you answer vital questions!

Earlier this year, endevis RPO partnered with EMSI, a leading labor market analytics firm, to bring valuable data to recruitment cycle for its partners and friends.  What does this data tell us?

The data looks across a multitude of points including traditional government sources like the Bureau of Labor Statistics & U.S. Census as well as online profiles of job boards, job posting analytics, compensation data, and even global data.  

The Innovation Team at endevis then examines the information from micro/macro levels, company specific, as well as role specific to ensure that your hiring managers and leaders know what market challenges they face before filling a role.  

For example, we recently partnered with one of our clients to provide data on a Director of Nursing position in New Jersey.  The CHRO informed us that this position had long been a turnover hotspot and it was becoming increasingly challenging to even find the talent they required.  Upon speaking with the leaders and receiving job information like salary and experience, our team pulled specific information that told our client partners they were actually paying $15,000 to $25,000 below market average.  

Below you can see what we do well and how that applies to you and your organization.

What we do with data for you!

If you would like to learn more about endevis and how we can help you with specific roles or new market developments please contact us.


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