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All About PCS Recruiting

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All About PCS Recruiting

First off... what is PCS?  PCS stands for Professional Contract Staffing.  endevis works hard to provide your company with candidates that are perfect matches to your company.  An example of PCS recruiting is if your company needed an engineer.  endevis would hire an engineer on a "trial basis" and the employee would actually be an employee of endevis.  If the employer decides that they like the employee, then the employee would be transferred to the company's payroll.  PCS recruiters can fill anything from leave of absence to long-term solutions.  

Why Contract Staffing?

Easily flex your staffing levels up and down

When your company's workload is variable (or unpredictable) contract employees help meet the demand.  Experienced professionals can quickly assimilate to bring your project to completion.

Evaluate potential permanent employees in a risk-free trial period

Contract staffing allows your company to evaluate a candidate's performance before making a long-term commitment.  This is an excellent way to assess the employee's applicable skills, interaction with others and ability to meet deadlines.

Meet short-term project deadlines

Your business doesn't have to make a long-term commitment for short-term projects; simply end the contract assignment once the project is complete.

Reduce overhead costs, risks and liability issues associated with permanent employees

With professional contract staffing, your business can focus on the importance of getting the job done without the burden of managing the following:

  • Payroll taxes, unemployment and workers compensation
  • ACA compliant benefits
  • Discrimination lawsuits
  • I-9/ E-Verify documentation and penalties
  • Wage and overtime violations

Maximize the blended workforce model

Are you seeking the benefits of a blended workforce model for your workplace?  Long-term contractors and on-demand staff augment your core professionals to provide speed and flexibility.  Your fixed cost for employees is kept low, and you only incur costs for additional staff as workload increases.

endevis PCS

At endevis, we provide communication and metrics through every step of the process.  We track our success to ensure your satisfaction- from job order placement to candidate fulfillment and beyond. 

Also, we provide measurable results.
Our key benchmarks for success are:

  • fill rate
  • submittals to hire
  • interviews to hire

The overarching value we provide is tracked through these benchmarks.  Our low interview-to- hire ratio measures our efficiency , ensures deadlines are met and quantifies the true quality of our candidates.

Additionally, our goal is to exceed your expectations for contract staffing.  Your repeat business is critical to our success and how we measure a job well done.  In addition to tracking job metrics, endevis surveys your overall client experience to gain insight into our partnership and learn how we can best serve you and your team.  We are constantly striving for perfection, and we're not happy until you're happy.

endevis is a full-service recruitment firm specializing in the areas of healthcare, manufacturing & supply chain, technology, and accounting & finance. With solutions to fit every hiring challenge, endevis meets client needs from across the United States with physical locations in Toledo, OH, Cleveland, OH, Nashville, TN, & Jersey City, NJ as well as countless virtual employees across the country.

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