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2023 Healthcare Recruiting Trends

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2023 Healthcare Recruiting Trends

In 2022, healthcare staffing has reached a record high number in revenue and is projected to do even more in 2023.  According to SIA, healthcare staffing firms rated their recruiting difficulty a 3.7/5. There are priorities going into 2023 in staffing that healthcare recruiting firms need to be aware of to make that talent acquisition process more manageable and less hectic for both the candidate and recruiter.

Consistent Communication

73% of healthcare candidates want recruiters to reach out at least once a week with opportunities.  How can recruiters manage this when they are busy with 100s of other tasks?

  • automated weekly texts
  • automated weekly emails
  • social media outreach
  • weekly newsletters with hot jobs
  • phone calls

Additionally, recruiters need to research social media platforms to find where their audience is.  Do they like LinkedIn or Facebook better?  Do candidates respond better to general posts, posts in a Facebook group, or direct messaging?

Recruiters should also take the necessary steps to see how their ideal candidates like to communicate.  Do they prefer text messaging, phone calls, video calls, or chatbots?  Focusing on consistent communication and the proper communication method will help your engagement rates to increase with candidates.

Onboarding Process Challenges

The onboarding process is challenging for healthcare recruits because it usually is very lengthy.  According to bullhorn, 1/3 of healthcare workers said they have dealt with this issue at their most recent job.  Why is this a problem?  70% of the healthcare workers surveyed said they abandoned an opportunity because the onboarding process appeared too long.

Why is the onboarding process so long in healthcare?  The main reason is because of the credentialing process.  In healthcare, candidates must have CPR or basic life support certifications.  Even though we are in a digital age, some firms still manually put in the candidate's credentials.  Transferring to a digital self-serve system that allows candidates to update their credentials is one way to make the process more efficient and easier for both the candidate and the recruiter.

Offering Future Opportunities

Not only do candidates want recruiters to communicate current opportunities, but they also want recruiters to stay in touch for future opportunities, especially temporary healthcare workers, such as travel nurses.  Recruiters need to take the time to nurture their candidates through the assignment and beyond.  How do they do this?  

  • check-ins
  • feedback surveys
  • automated communications

Staying in touch benefits the recruiter as much as the candidate because it allows them to receive feedback on how to improve their process and also allows the recruiter to grow their business.

In brief, staying on top of communication, onboarding, and staying in touch with candidates who are on assignment, will allow for a higher engaged candidate pool and a more efficient recruiting strategy. is a digital recruitment innovator with a unique perspective: Delivering technology and capabilities that shake up the market by bringing together a data-driven approach based in AI and machine learning with high-level, human-capital-delivered solutions, designed to efficiently attract and retain the right talent and provide consumer-level user experiences throughout the hiring process.

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