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Top 5 HR Strategic Initiatives for 2023

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Top 5 HR Strategic Initiatives for 2023

HR leaders need to start preparing for 2023.  This year, HR leaders need to focus on how they can make career paths more accessible for remote employees, provide leadership training, and improve their talent acquisition strategy.  

1.  Preparing leaders for the future

Leaders are held to different expectations than they have been previously.  Today, leaders are expected to by empathetic, adaptive, and authentic with employees.  This new leadership is referred to as "human leadership."

"Human leaders" are very hard to come by.  HR's normal approaches do not educate leaders with how to be "human."  They do not address the obstacles that are holding leaders back from achieving human leadership.  HR leaders need to directly address the emotional barriers in order to push leaders forward and equip them with skills they need to succeed in the future.

2.  Organizational design and change management

Organizations have been subject to change and uncertainty over the past few years.  Employees are more unwilling to adapt and evolve with change.  HR leaders need to assist employees as the organization changes.  HR leaders and employees need to be transparent with each other about how change will impact their work or their well-being.

3.  Employee Experience

New Career initiatives have appeared within the past few years.  As people rethink the role of work in their lives, current career options do not satisfy employee needs. 

With less people in the office, employees do not clearly see career options or advancements within the company, so they become dissatisfied with where they are at. 

Most employees are actively seeking new jobs, and less are satisfied with where they are at.    HR leaders in the coming years are going to have to create best-fit careers for employees.

4.  Recruiting

Insufficient sourcing strategies are top of mind going into 2023.  Most organizations expect competition to increase significantly over the next 6 months.  As HR leaders look into 2023, they must create or adapt their recruiting strategies to align with current business needs.  They also need to have a plan that accommodates multiple scenarios in this changing market.  

5.  Future of work

There has been a shift to remote and hybrid workforce.  This is only part of what the future of work is all about.  Anticipating future talent needs is the second part of building a strategy for the future of work.  Current strategies are not effective at combating the shifting landscape.  HR leaders need a new approach that opens the door to new strategies going in to 2023.

In brief, HR leaders are going to have to be creative in how they recruit and retain talent in the next year.  These tips provide a starting point for HR professionals in 2023.


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