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Embrace Inevitable Change

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Embrace Inevitable Change

The workplace will not go back to the old ways of pre-pandemic.  Your company's HR team needs to accept this fact and adopt policies and procedures to fit the needs of this new reality.  They must implement practices to manage change and agility in the workplace.

Companies have been back and forth with trying to return to the office for the past two years; however, organizations do not operate entirely in the office anymore.  Now, employees are used to having flexible and remote positions, and they expect this from your organization.  Since we are in the middle of the turnover tsunami, employers cannot afford to ignore their employees' wishes.

In addition to changing how employees work, HR leaders must address changing employment laws and regulations.  HR leaders need to pay particular attention to the rules at the state level.  Currently, many states are updating their paid family and medical leave laws, so HR teams need to prepare for changing compliance requirements.

To accommodate these changes, develop people and business plans that work.  You have to be flexible with change almost on demand without breaking into a fast-paced work environment like we are used to today.  During business planning meetings, run through different scenarios that could impact your business, so you are ready for them when they happen.  Address these scenarios as they arise by developing contingency plans, so you are not caught off guard.

In brief, HR teams need to develop and implement current policies and procedures for today's workforce.  They need to be ready for any situation and be flexible enough that it does not hurt the business or the culture.

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