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Managing Relationships

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Managing Relationships

Managing workplace relationships is a big topic in 2022 amongst HR leaders.  After Covid, many businesses realized that their employees didn't have to be at the office every day in order to be effective team members.  Now, companies are settling into permanent hybrid or remote work models, which makes it harder to build healthy relationships between employees.  

Healthy work relationships are built on trust and collaboration.  This means empowering employees to work together efficiently, even if they do not see each other daily.  In remote or hybrid models, building relationships has to be intentional.  There needs to be a purpose driving every initiative that is put into place to ensure you are developing a trusting company culture.

How can you make sure your team is developing healthy relationships?

Communication is key.  Regular communication is the driver behind strong relationships.  It allows employees to understand each other's roles along with their own, and it helps them determine the best way to help each other on different projects.

The more employees know about each other and understand each other's roles and responsibilities, the better they will perform at their jobs.  For example, by knowing the next project stage, individual contributors can refine their work to match the objective.  Building trust comes into play when employees know they can rely on their colleagues to deliver what is needed to keep projects on track.

In brief, work relationships are a vital part of a successful company.  Without them, employees would feel isolated instead of part of a team.  

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