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Recruitment & Retention Strategies for Diversity in Nursing

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Chass Rice
Recruitment & Retention Strategies for Diversity in Nursing

If 2020 taught us anything, in today’s shifting workforce as well as being seen as a minority, inclusion practices that listen to the pain points of the nursing candidate go a long way in illustrating attractive workplace cultures.

From the imaging we use on our websites, to the representation of minorities or avoiding gender bias, hiring managers are on high alert to include more awareness measures in the recruitment process.

Key organizations have all identified diversity in nursing as an important area in need of reform. However, the industry lacks a comprehensive review of diversity recruitment and retention strategies in nursing. endevis compiled a few resources and reviewed some current best practices published and provided solutions to increase the diversity and inclusion of nurses as care providers.

Consider these techniques.

  1. Define company culture how it is today, and generate surveys to existing nursing staff considered diverse for input and leadership in the effort.
  2. Embrace current initiatives and new ideas for support in outreach to new candidates.
  3. Set goals to achieve and maintain timelines to support the vision and efforts with reinforcement and reward.
  4. Evaluate the onboarding process for individuals and seek improvements that consider DE&I.
  5. Keep an open dialogue by facilitating frequent groups or meetups about diversity for Q&A and staying on top of hot topics and rising issues.

The National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE) uses best practices to identify a framework to map workplace procedures (education in this case) and their impact on the conditions of inequity.

These elements include:

  • Use of data in decision-making
  • Hiring policies
  • Professional development and compensation

These procedures eliminate barriers to diversity in nursing with equitable access to available nursing jobs. Hiring managers would need to be more responsive to considering more racial or multicultural candidates. The healthcare industry could benefit from the NAPE’s framework to apply to their own nurses staffing our hospitals, clinics, and other facilities.

endevis addresses these challenges through customized processes for healthcare organizations with internal recruiting teams. Learn more about the tools used, processes implemented, and hear from client case studies of proven results.

If DE&I are a priority for your staffing needs this year to achieve diversity in nursing, show your candidates that you are an inclusive business with these questions and obtain valuable feedback as to if the candidate is a great fit for your culture.

  1. what diversity, equity, and inclusion mean to you
  2. approach to understanding different perspectives from different backgrounds
  3. steps to eliminate bias from your working relationships
  4. culturally insensitive, sexist, racist, or homophobic situations and behavior
  5. Practice inclusion, belonging, and equity - examples

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