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How to Diversify Talent in Cybersecurity

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How to Diversify Talent in Cybersecurity

Diversity and Inclusion are two hot topics in the talent industry.  The talent shortage is affecting all industries, including cybersecurity.  Like other industries, the cyber sector must be creative when attracting talent. 

One way to identify nontechnical skills among candidates is by having them complete an aptitude and/ or a personality test.  These assessments evaluate critical thinking, real-time action, deliberate action, and proactive and reactive thinking.  

Some candidates are suited for the job, but they are overlooked.  The aptitude and personality assessments help determine which candidates are fit for the job without human bias.  

Additionally, these assessments can help to include overlooked groups, such as people with Asperger's and other forms of autism.  Large companies are starting nurturing programs for neuro-diverse candidates working through programs like SAP's Autism at Work program. D, E, & I initiatives can increase retention rates among employees.  They can create top-of-mind awareness for customers and candidates because of the welcoming and inclusive environment that your company has created.

In brief, the cybersecurity sector is facing similar issues to other industries.  Today, the talent shortage is affecting every industry across America.  Companies have to get creative with attracting talent.  Diversity and Inclusion is among the top deciding factors for attracting and retaining employees.  DE&I initiatives are top of mind for young professionals entering the workforce.  Therefore, adding initiatives to decrease the amount of bias will attract top talent to firms.

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