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Honoring Black History Month

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Chass Rice
Honoring Black History Month

February marks Black History Month, a time to celebrate and recognize the achievements of Black Americans and their vital and impactful role in U.S. history. This annual observance originated from the longstanding complaint that Black Americans, and their stories, have often been left out of history books.

Here at endevis, we use this time to reflect on how we serve our team members, clients, and communities in a way that is respectful and authentic to everyone’s differences. We celebrate Black History and use this wonderful opportunity for members of the Black community to share their stories and for others to listen, learn, and show support.

Due to the current social climate, celebrating Black History Month is unique this year. Diversity and equality are at the forefront of our social conscience and dialogue more than ever before. Here at endevis, we applaud this increasing awareness, knowing more work is needed.

We remain committed to inclusivity at all levels across our organization. Our responsibility is to ensure underrepresented employee’s ideas have influence and bring perspective to the organization. We encourage team members to learn from, connect with, and celebrate the diversity of their experiences and talents.

Supporting diversity and inclusion is necessary for our team members, clients, and communities.

Black History Month is vital in raising awareness in the workplace for underrepresented groups. At endevis, we will continue to promote respect for and learn from each other’s differences.

Harvard Kennedy School professor Dr. Khalil Gibran Muhammad said, "It's not just Black history. My thing is, this is American history."

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