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Office Tools for Hybrid/ Remote Workers

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Office Tools for Hybrid/ Remote Workers

It's no surprise that we are experiencing a shift in the work environment.  Employees are now participating in remote and hybrid work options.  Basic tools such as laptops, Wi-Fi, email, and some kind of virtual meeting option make this available as an option.  However, there are tools that are available that can make the remote/ hybrid work choice even better!

It's no secret that Microsoft Office has created programs that make working away from the office.  Now, they are continuing to improve the remote experience for workers.  In Q2 of this year, Microsoft Office is launching updates to their software that will make their products even more remote-friendly!  What are these updates?


Microsoft PowerPoint is getting exciting new features added!  Starting in Q2, presenters will be able to prerecord themselves speaking to a slide.  Also, presenters will have the ability to integrate a Teams camera into their presentation through the use of Cameo!


Outlook is also getting a facelift.  In Q2, the email platform will allow users to RSVP to a meeting as attending in person or remote.  This addition will take the guessing game out of who is attending in person or online.


We saved the best for last!  Teams is getting a major revamp in the Q2 updates.  First, there will be a new layout that features the video gallery on the bottom of the screen called Front Row View.  Additionally, physical meeting attendees will be able to use their phone or other device as a companion device in Teams Rooms.  This will allow users to see people in the meeting more clearly.  Loop Components will also be added in the platform.  This is something that Microsoft has been promising for a while, and it seems like it is going to be worth the wait!  Several updates are coming to the Whiteboard feature in Teams as well.  This is a place that can be used for brainstorming during meetings!

Lots of exciting things are happening with Microsoft Office, and we are so excited to see how it will enhance our remote workers abilities.  Flexibility is something that we value at endevis, so these updates will be an added benefit to all of our teams.  

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