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What Impacts Does Technology Have On Recruitment?

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What Impacts Does Technology Have On Recruitment?

Recruitment is one of the world’s hot-button topics that can make or break any organization.  Many of the problems that face businesses large or small can be traced to the talent hunt process.  Technology has created new paradigms in human resources.  So much so that human resource managers hold sway after operational executives.  There are limitations to what legacy technologies can do for talent managers.  Web3 technologies have paved the way for new ways, means, and methods in the recruitment industry.

What are the various trends that have emerged when it comes to hiring talent?

The greatest driver to change has been the impact of the pandemic and the new working
conditions we have since become accustomed to.

Face-to-face interviews have become unnecessary, workers are looking for—at minimum—a hybrid work environment (with the option to work in office, at home, and from just about anywhere), flexible work hours have become more prominent, the lower paid workers have become increasingly conscious of their worth and
are now demanding more.

We have a major talent shortage at the lower pay-scale talent market, there are millions fewer women in the workplace and the term “great resignation” is an understatement.

We are quite literally in a talent tsunami of change when it comes to both hiring and retention.

What challenges do companies and organizations face currently with human resources?

Managing people and the human resources implications around a rapidly changing work environment has become increasingly challenging, as has navigating employee morale and well-being.

With many workers becoming used to a work-from-home environment, companies have new employee concerns that require a great deal of care, no matter where they fall on either end of the spectrum.

They must be careful not to force workers back to the office too quickly to avoid negatively impacting morale, which could also have significant psychological impacts.

On the other hand, if a worker is secluded within their home, a company could also be looking at mental health issues, burn out, and more. It’s very much a new-age minefield.

How are companies adapting to meet up with the current challenges faced as per recruitment?

Through the implementation of technology tools that help make hiring easier, smarter, and more efficient, such as video interview technology, intelligent matching, and integration with various vendor managed software.

Additionally, the rising growth of payroll technology companies to allow businesses to employ workers across the globe in the most remote locations with ease, is a significant way of aiding companies, recruiters, and hiring managers as they ramp up teams not only locally, but remotely as sell.

What is’s journey? is a data driven digital staffing platform.

We combined technology with recruiters to create a seamless hiring experience for the jobseeker, is the place where you get a job, rather than simply searching for one.

What makes blockchain technology to become a unique tool for solving recruitment issues?

Blockchain is a tool that offers ‘a level above’ security technology stack.

In the hiring process, some of the biggest issues are speed, accuracy, and trust.

Blockchain is a supporting emerging technology that assists in providing this experience for both our clients and jobseekers on the platform.

What other use-case scenarios exist for the deployment of blockchain technology within human resource departments globally?

An area that I believe will become more prominent in the future will be the use of cryptocurrency as remuneration compensation through payroll.

Employees in the future, especially contractors may look to take their salary in cryptocurrency.

What’s the final endpoint for recruitment within the context of a world that is scarred by COVID-19 and other issues?

If we can attempt to take anything positive from the pandemic, it is that it allows us to reflect on the way we work, who we work for, and how we are compensated.

It has resulted in a major realignment of the job market, and I believe this is for the positive. We have a chance to
drastically reshape the way we work for the better.

How has technology evolved to enable remote roles?

Video technology, project management tools, Slack, and Payroll technology have all seen major growth in order to cope with a major shift in the need and demand of remote work forces.

What challenges do talents face when engaging with recruiters for such remote roles?

This shift in mindset towards remote workers and the benefits it offers, such as opening vast areas of talented humans, who would not normally be reached as they are not concentrated in centralized geographies such as cities like San Francisco, New York or Austin.

Now talent across the planet as well as nationally can be used efficiently and effectively.

What are the legal, regulatory, and compliance challenges recruiters face when hiring top talents globally?

You have all the challenges of local laws, federal laws and exchange rates that makes hiring people across the planet somewhat challenging.

However, companies and technology have been working towards making this talent more accessible for years, well before the pandemic.

How can companies meet up with these red-taped challenges?

They can work with great partners who are experienced in supplying remote labor in foreign

 How do you think technology will become the future of hiring and recruitment?

Through the validation of data, which I believe is the biggest problem in hiring technology.

Using technology to create a system of record that we all adhere to in the job market is the solution.


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