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Triller and Partner to Launch Video Resumes for Creator Economy

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Arran Stewart
Triller and Partner to Launch Video Resumes for Creator Economy

Triller, the AI-powered open garden technology platform, and, the data-driven, AI-powered recruitment platform, today announced a partnership that will allow Triller users to discover and apply for open positions with a video resume, rather than the traditional resume. Using video transcription and AI matching, the integration will provide Triller users with a job matching functionality where they can be matched with relevant jobs based on factors such as their interests, professional skills, and desired roles.

Triller users will be able to create professional video resumes in their Triller account and then have the content of that video automatically matched to millions of opportunities in the wider job market. Furthermore, companies that wish to work directly with Triller and will begin to accept applications in the form of a video. This marks a major move towards the future of work and the way people find and apply for opportunity.

With the current labor shortage in the market, companies across industries are struggling to recruit and find the right talent for the job. The integration aims to help employers connect with a new pool of talent and identify better matches for the job. Available to all Triller users in the U.S., it will give them the opportunity to showcase their professional background and skills, and connect with employers, in a more visual, creative way via a video resume.

“We’re at the beginning of a shift in the overall hiring process for the employer and the jobseeker,” said Arran Stewart, Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer at “The newest generations entering the workforce, including Gen Z and Gen Alpha, have grown up in a digital world where content and opportunity are curated to them on social media. They will live their lives digitally, and in some cases virtually, and will find writing resumes to be ineffective and archaic. They will expect the hiring process to blend seamlessly with their digital lives, which creates an exciting opportunity to move the recruitment industry forward with the changing technology and times.”

The Triller and partnership will see the creation of a new user experience and ecosystem where Triller users can find and apply for job opportunities. Utilizing artificial intelligence, transcription, and job aggregation, this will be the first step to mainstreaming the use of the video resume. In addition, it will introduce a new digital experience for jobseekers to use when finding and applying for opportunities. Triller and are excited to be able to offer their users the future of the job application process later this year.

“ and Triller are technology-first companies and we are always looking for new advanced ways to leverage technology to accelerate ways of doing business across industries,” said Mahi de Silva, CEO of Triller. “With this integration, we are enabling the creator economy, and believe video interviews are so much more effective and emotionally evocative than the traditional e-mail/paper process. We have seen great adoption of video resumes for job applications and employers looking to hire new talent need to go to the platforms where their target candidates are already most engaged – we are thrilled chose Triller and are looking forward to making this possible together.”

For nearly three decades, has focused on developing new technologies for its platform that improve candidate job matching, and streamline how employers attract, hire, and retain talent.

The integration is expected to launch in late 2022 and will be available to all Triller users in the U.S.

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