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Employee Retention: Why They Leave

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Employee Retention: Why They Leave

Employee retention is something that many companies struggle with.  In order to avoid an unstable workforce, HR should try to identify employees who are likely to leave and address the concerns ahead of time.   Some of the top reasons as to why employees consider changing jobs are:

  • better compensation and corporate benefits
  • better work/ life balance
  • lack of recognition for their work
  • want to find a better corporate culture
  • company values do not align with theirs
  • absence of strong relationships with peers 

There are certain categories that HR professionals can look at to try and get ahead of employees considering leaving the company:

Major Life Changes

These can include someone who is starting a family or someone who is continuing their education.  These types of events can often cause someone to leave a job.

Missed Promotions

Employees often feel disappointed if they are passed up for a promotion.  They tend to start looking for opportunities elsewhere.  HR keeps records of internal employees who were not selected for promotions.  Once these employees have been identified, attention should be directed towards making them feel appreciated and preparing them for the next opening.

High Department Turnover

If there is high turnover, there is a huge chance of losing employees in that department.  HR should have discussions with managers and current employees to identify problem areas and why employees are leaving.  Turnover could occur because of low wages, high stress within a department,  poor management, etc.  By solving the problem, turnover rates will decrease, and retention will rise. 

Reduced Communication

Any employee who is not responding to calls, emails, texts, or any other form of communication, could be looking for another opportunity.  HR needs to monitor and keep track of who is responding to communication and who is not.


A tell- tell sign of an employee considering leaving a company is taking time off of work in the middle of the day.  This could mean that they are interviewing somewhere else.  

In brief, the best advice for HR professionals is to not wait until employees quit.  Keeping track of behaviors and activities will allow you to put preventative measures into place early on. is a digital recruitment innovator with a unique perspective: Delivering technology and capabilities that shake up the market by bringing together a data-driven approach based in AI and machine learning with high-level, human-capital-delivered solutions, designed to efficiently attract and retain the right talent and provide consumer-level user experiences throughout the hiring process.

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