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Employee Health and Well-Being

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Employee Health and Well-Being

One of the top HR issues of 2022 revolves around employee health and well-being.  After the pandemic disrupted the talent industry in 2020, employers began to recognize that employees needed custom benefit plans that address issues on an individual level.  Along with this, companies are offering better benefits that include child and elder care.  Companies are also expanding coverage to mental health services.

Companies need to put their focus into finding ways to support employee health and wellness in their daily work life as well as offer better benefit packages because traditional benefits aren't enough anymore.  Other benefits include flexible hours, more paid time off, and/ or better at managing workloads so employees don't feel stressed.

How do you get started?

Employee surveys are an easy way to understand where your benefits stand in the employee mind.  HR leaders will understand how to better support employees on their journey to wellness, and know when to take action based on their needs.  

Encourage employees to use the benefit that your company offers.  Communicate that their health is a business priority because your workforce determines your success.  Additionally, collect feedback from employees to see how to improve benefits in the future.

In brief, HR leaders need to pay attention to their employees' needs.  Offer benefits that give your company the edge when hiring and attracting talent.  Soon you will create a culture that employees are excited about.

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