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Job.com Co-Founder Arran Stewart Joins the Prestigious SIA 40 Under 40

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Job.com Co-Founder Arran Stewart Joins the Prestigious SIA 40 Under 40

The "40 Under 40" list, published annually by SIA, spotlights the rising leaders in the staffing and workforce solutions industry. This year's honorees have faced numerous challenges, yet their agile and determined approach has set them apart. Among them is Arran Stewart, who with 15 years of experience, has brought new insights and dynamic solutions to the staffing industry. 


A New Generation of Staffing Leadership 

Arran Stewart, Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer at Job.com, was drawn to staffing because of its dynamic nature and the ability to make a positive impact on both individuals’ lives and on the organizations that hire those individuals.

With Stewart's guidance, Job.com has introduced an AI-driven matching algorithm that has increased the quality of job placements and reduced hiring times. This innovation has not only boosted Job.com's own efficiency but also signaled potential changes for the wider industry as more companies look to incorporate technology into their staffing efforts. 

A Journey of Growth and Innovation 

Under Stewart's leadership, Job.com secured an impressive $46 million in funding and executed the strategic acquisition of five staffing and recruitment firms, generating expansive revenue. Furthermore, Stewart's unique blend of innovation and leadership has earned him 25 patents, reinforcing Job.com's position as an industry trailblazer. 

Envisioning a Tech-Driven Future for Staffing

In the coming years, Stewart plans to continue spearheading innovation at Job.com by driving the integration of blockchain, AI, and machine learning into recruitment processes. Despite foreseeing a growing reliance on technology, Stewart also believes in the invaluable importance of the human touch within the staffing industry. 

“Every placement is an opportunity to change someone’s life positively and help a company grow and succeed,” says Arran Stewart. “It’s a role with profound responsibility and impact, which is incredibly rewarding.” 

Stewart has ushered forward proprietary technology that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning processes to attract talented people to the right jobs and removes inefficient tasks from the hiring process. This distinctive combination provides true value and control to job seekers, companies, and recruiting teams, which results in more effective talent acquisition and better-fit career moves. 


SIA 40 Under 40

This year’s SIA 40 Under 40 listing is now available. The 2023 honorees will be formally recognized during SIA’s Collaboration in the Gig Economy conference taking place this September 19-21 in Dallas. SIA publishes this annual list to identify and honor staffing industry leaders of today and tomorrow. The 2023 class has met with several unique challenges ranging from economical to geopolitical to technological. What sets this group of 40 Under 40 honorees apart is how they faced those global challenges – with agility, self-motivation and determination.

About Job.com

Job.com is a digital recruitment innovator with a unique perspective: Delivering technology and capabilities that shake up the market by bringing together a data-driven approach based in AI and machine learning with high-level, human-capital-delivered solutions, designed to efficiently attract and retain the right talent and provide consumer-level user experiences throughout the hiring process. 


Job.com’s mission is to transform talent acquisition with smart technology and a human-first approach.  


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