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3 Cybersecurity Hiring Trends for 2023

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3 Cybersecurity Hiring Trends for 2023

The Cybersecurity field is still growing.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry is projected to increase by 35% by 2030.  What kinds of hiring trends can candidates look for in 2023?

Cloud Experts

As more and more people work in remote and hybrid work models, the need for cloud systems is continually increasing.  According to SecureWorld, 94% of organizations want to grow their cloud systems.  Therefore, there is a need for cloud experts to aid companies in connecting to cloud systems securely and safely.

Information Security Analysts

Information Security Analysts are in more demand now than they ever have been.  Since the role requires complex skills, it isn't easy to fill.  Hiring managers are looking for well-rounded candidates, not just candidates with the skills.  

Maintaining skills

Companies are looking for employees that will propel their company ahead of their competitors. Candidates need to maintain their technical skills as well as their personal skills.  Having a well-rounded skillset will set candidates apart from other applicants. 

There are plenty of opportunities for cybersecurity candidates.  In 2023, cybersecurity opportunities will continue to increase, especially in Cloud and Information Security Analyst roles. However, maintaining technical and personal skills sets candidates apart from the pile of applicants.  Companies want to excel against their competitors and understand that success starts with the employees.  

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