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What to Expect When Hiring Gen Z

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What to Expect When Hiring Gen Z

Are the myths about Gen Z true?  Are they the laziest generation yet, or are they the hardest working?  Will they be ok with a 9-5, or will they demand a flexible schedule?

These questions are what companies are having to figure out as they look to hire Gen Z.  Here is what we know is true for the majority of Gen Z:  

The Reality

Companies have found that Gen Z workers are actually some of the hardest working people in the company.  Gen Zers pride themselves on their hard work ethic.  However, Gen Z likes to be managed.  They like having clear direction and expectations of the job.  Providing a clear pathway for success in the career, puts Gen Z's mind at ease. 

Changing the Culture

Gen Z's perspective on work is vastly different than the generations before them, and with 33% of the population being comprised of Gen Zers, we need to start paying attention to these shifts.

Financial Security with Purpose

Gen Z is more worried about how they can make a difference personally and professionally.  They want their paycheck to be big enough that they can donate some money to their favorite charities.  They are looking for companies to work for that make a difference in the world.  Gen Zers want to feel like they have a purpose and not that they are just meaninglessly working a job for a paycheck.

Mental Health Matters

Furthermore, Gen Z has more anxiety about the workplace than any other generation.  Mental Health is a big deal to Gen Zers.  We have begun to hear the term "Mental Health Day," as in a personal day to relax and take a break from everyday stress.  Companies have begun to take more consideration into their employees mental health and have also started to hire in house psychiatrist for employees to talk to.

Flexibility is Key 

Additionally, another trend that we are going to see with Gen Z is that they are going to want a flexible schedule.  The typical 9-5 schedule is not what they are going to go for.  Instead, if your company develops the "I don't care what time of the day you get the work done, just as long as it is done,"  mindset, you will be better off when hiring Gen Z.  Covid-19 has really paved the way for remote and flexible work schedules as this new generation has started their careers.  From here on out, it will be expected of employers to provide a flexible work schedule.

In Conclusion

The majority of companies are excited about the new generation coming into the workforce.  They will change the workplace culture as they start their careers, and most companies are already starting to adapt to these changes.  Will it be for the better?  I guess we will find out in the coming years, but from what we have seen so far, the future looks promising.

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