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The New Workplace: 6 Must-Haves

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The New Workplace: 6 Must-Haves

"Opening Up America Again" workplace edition

With the upcoming relaxation of COVID-19 related quarantine rules in many states, organizations are planning to get back to work. While many are happy to finally get back to normal routines, “normal” will look different for the foreseeable future.

“Essential” manufacturing, like food production & medical devices, has been working this out on the fly. However corporate America and non-essential manufacturing are now getting closer to returning to work.  Many organizations are discussing a “soft start” with a partial workforce coming back.  What will that look like? 

We felt it necessary to put together a few best practices that we have compiled from talking to several of our partners.  This, too, will need adjusting along the way, so be ready & adaptable.

The 6 Must-Haves

  1. Create a Company Safety Brand Post it everywhere around the building. One slogan available by the World Health Organization is “Save Lives, Clean Your Hands!” Another is “Do The 5” with a stop sign and hand.  Be sure to put your own spin on it!
  2. Clean workplace Increase Janitorial Services to clean areas more often. Order wipes and hand sanitizer stations for the cafeteria, exiting doorways, and other applicable areas.  Supply hand sanitizer to employees.  You can easily make your hand sanitizer to provide if supply is low.
  3. Ergonomics Have work areas, hallways, restrooms, and all areas that provide enough space for social distancing. Consider having employees come in at different shift times to avoid gathering at the same time.  Reorganize team meetings in larger rooms or with some on the phone.  Mark footprints in front of desks to show 6 ft distance. Install plexiglass in front of HR’s desk.
  4. Employee Health Screening Tool Some of the major OEMs are having employees complete a health questionnaire every day they come in to turn into security. This form requires employees to log their temperature in the morning and answer 5 health/COVID related questions created by CDC.
  5. New Sick Policy Consider that some employees may come to work with symptoms in fear of losing additional pay. Encourage them to come back when they feel safe.  Laying out your plan upfront with employees will reduce any fear of disclosing symptoms.  Educate them on the Family First Act, emergency paid leave and extended FMLA.  Have an action plan if someone in your facility is exposed while at work.  (2-week shut down is recommended)
  6. Virtual Interview Coach hiring managers to maximize the virtual interview. Add additional screening tools.  Have a new visitor protocol.

At endevis, we are your eyes and ears in the manufacturing and corporate workplace.  Please visit “Opening Up America Again” to learn more from the White House about how to get started in a post-quarantine.

How can we help you in this transition?

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