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Recruitment Solutions in a COVID-19 World

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Recruitment Solutions in a COVID-19 World

The future of your Talent Acquisition team is here.

Spring 2020 will forever be remembered as the point in time in which the global economy came to a screaming halt, forcing businesses to rethink necessities vs nice-to-haves.  It will be known as the point in time in which virtual work becomes the norm and offices became obsolete.  And unfortunately, we will remember that some jobs became more important than others.

Many organizations are attempting to “optimize” their business due to the ongoing global pandemic.  This includes staff evaluations to determine which positions are most vital to generating revenue and downsizing or outsourcing parts of the business to become more flexible to ensure maximized profitability, or at worst, mitigate losses.

While Human Resources (HR) has emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic as an absolute necessity, talent acquisition professionals have often been one of the main targets of layoffs.  However, as organizations begin to ramp the businesses back up, organizations are attempting now more than ever, to do more with less.  Middle management & HR have been forced to pick up the pieces to assist with recruiting efforts.

What is RPO?

As an alternative, we have been working with our partners to adjust our Recruitment Processing Outsourcing (RPO) partnerships to best fit the needs of their businesses.  For healthcare clients that meant a rapid ramp-up in many urban markets, initially.  For our non-essential partners, that means reducing our team size to best fit the needs of the current market but also now have begun to scale the team back up without losing organizational knowledge. 

RPOs are a uniquely strategic business partner that provides a strategic advantage in times of economic lows and highs. 

RPOs are Operational Excellence

  1. RPOs are shared risk partners

RPOs provide maximum flexibility. Organizations can scale recruiting capacity as hiring demands to dictate—giving you, as an employer, more significant control of overhead costs. RPOs, thanks in part to massive databases and technology investments, often lower your costs simply by utilizing fewer people.

Additionally, RPOs manage the recruiting team so you don’t have to. Your team can now spend its time on more value-added activities, such as HR/business strategy alignment, workforce planning, and HR innovation. 

  1. RPOs are Motivated to Exceed

Thanks to a shared risk partnership, RPOs are motivated by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), SMART Goals, and Success Fees.  Often, RPOs fees & bonuses are tied directly to their performance.  That’s great for their business partners because they are paying for performance, not exorbitant salaries.

RPOs must build great relationships with hiring managers and HR leadership to ensure productivity measures are met and efficiencies

  1. RPOs Fine-Tune Recruiting Practices

Your employer brand will be an integral part of your overall business strategy post-pandemic just as it was before.  With so many more candidates available due to mass layoffs, the challenge will be properly screening, testing, and qualifying potential employees.  RPOs can offer additional screening functions more effectively than a singular organization thanks to its wide-ranging partnerships and best-practices for hiring. 

Interviews will be conducted remotely more often and the need to have as much information possible about candidates before meeting with hiring managers and organizational leaders will be even more important than before. 

Your social presence will also be highly important as it will provide the much-needed insight for candidates to learn about your culture and operations as they apply and interview.  A transparent, recruitment marketing strategy will be at the forefront of the recruitment process which RPOs have experienced marketers to manage and work alongside your existing client-facing marketing team.

  1. The Comeback

How will an RPO partner with your organization to prepare for your reemergence? While there isn’t a one size fits all approach, a highly-regarded RPO will have a customizable solution that it works WITH you to develop.  RPOs also have data partners that they can provide information about certain market trends to watch.  No matter what, your organizational needs will be at the forefront of any good partnership. 

Find a partner that will scale resources to your growth.  Whether it is a return from the COVID-19 pandemic, an expansion into a new market or existing growth in current markets an RPO is the strategic partner that can assist with your biggest recruitment challenges with less overhead and more dependability than an internal talent acquisition team.

Whether your organization is big or small, an RPO could be a great option to reduce overhead and create a pay for performance strategy that allows your company to flourish.  If you are interested in learning more, schedule a meeting with one of our team members to learn how your organization can partner with an RPO.

What does endevis do?

Nearly 70% of a hospital’s cost can be eaten up by staffing expenditures and endevis RPO‘s goal is to help healthcare organizations build sustainable recruitment processes that increase applicant flow, employee engagement, and retention. (Deloitte)  As a partner to the health care industry, endevis aligns itself on a strategic level.  The leadership team assists its clients with recruiting process creation, recruiting management, talent marketing, and retention.

endevis RPO works seamlessly as the recruiting extension of your company.  The team works to attract, connect, and match people with positions that create positive experiences for companies and candidates.


endevis is a 2018 & 2019 HRO Today Baker’s Dozen award winner and an innovator in talent engagement. endevis excels in motivating and engaging talent on all levels, while driving organizations in the planning, selecting, and developing great talent through three distinct business solutions.

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