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RPO Roadmap- Performance Management

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RPO Roadmap- Performance Management

The RPO Roadmap is comprised of three main elements:  

  • Project Initiation
  • Performance Management
  • Performance Engineering

In this blog, we are focusing on Project Initiation.  Check out our blog to learn more about the other steps involved in the RPO process.

What does Performance Management look like?

During the performance management stage, leadership begins to step out of the day to day operations.  Experience will supplement the process.  Issues around identification become more challenging as recruitment output increases.  Operational rhythms are established and recruitment problem solving becomes more methodical.

What are the threats to avoid?

Similar to the Project Initiation stage, leadership disengagement is a huge problem that you will want to avoid.  Be sure to constantly engage your leadership with what is going on in the process.  make sure that they are staying on task and excited about the project!

Additionally, do not procrastinate the development of detailed work instructions.  These provide the framework for the workflows that will be established, so the faster they are completed, the more efficient the project will flow.

Stakeholder and staff complacency goes hand in hand with leadership disengagement.  Always have your team be excited about the project!

Delaying continuous improvement initiatives pose a huge threat as well.  You should want to continually improve your process.  Delaying will only delay the RPO process!

Finally, you want to avoid the recruitment challenge acceptance.  Always strive to improve and refine the process, so the information flows smoothly.  Do not just accept the way that things are going because there is always room for improvement!

What are the best practices?

  1. Identification of and investment in future leaders
  2. Delegating WI development
  3. Staff and Stakeholder satisfaction audits
  4. Leadership begins designing added value initiatives
  5. Move from leading indicators to outcomes management

By implementing the items above, you will put yourself on track for a successful RPO!  Check out our next blog for the final stage of the RPO process!

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