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RPO Roadmap- Performance Engineering

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RPO Roadmap- Performance Engineering

The RPO Roadmap is comprised of three main elements:  

  • Project Initiation
  • Performance Management
  • Performance Engineering

In this blog, we are focusing on Performance Engineering.  Check out our previous blogs to learn more about the other steps involved in the RPO process.

What does performance engineering look like?

As time goes on in this stage, the added value increases.  Leadership selects added value initiatives, and basic operations require little guidance.  Data becomes the key indicator of issues, and some of the staff begins to want more.  Intake and sourcing processes attenuate recruitment challenges during this stage.  This is the final stage of the RPO roadmap.

What are the threats to avoid?

While this is the last stage of the process, there are still a few threats you want to avoid.  Quitting is a huge threat.  The added value increases with time, so do not give up.  Furthermore, staff turn-over is a threat especially in today's market.  With high turnover rates, it is difficult to keep your staff engaged with the project at hand, but don't give up!  Finally, bad habits pose a threat to the project.  Bad habits will become hinderances to the project.  Identify them and cease practicing them immediately.

What are the best practices?

There are several best practices that should be followed during the performance engineering stage.

  1. Establish broader audience and begin publication of outcomes
  2. Involve executive sponsorship in added value initiatives
  3. Leadership is accountable for added value initiatives
  4. Test succession plan
  5. Review scope of services

By following this roadmap, you will set yourself up for success! 

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  • Project Initiation
  • Performance Management
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