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PDP Recruiting Explained

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PDP Recruiting Explained

PDP stands for professional direct placement.  PDP is a type of recruiting solution that is the least involved with your company.  PDP hires on a one-by-one basis.  For example, say your company needed an electrician, endevis would fill that one role by placing the candidate directly with the company.  Unlike PCS, the employee will be placed directly with the company instead of on endevis's payroll.

We serve a multitude of industries such as:

  • consumer products
    • retail
    • specialty products
    • distribution
  • energy
    • oil and gas
    • wind
    • solar
    • nuclear
  • financial services
    • banking and markets
    • insurance
    • wealth management
  • healthcare- non-clinical
    • hospitals
    • healthcare investment
    • academic medicine
    • healthcare technology
  • industrial manufacturing
    • automotive
    • aviation/ aerospace and defense
    • capital equipment
    • construction products
    • food and beverage 
    • packaging
  • life sciences
    • biotechnology 
    • medical device and diagnostic
    • pharmaceutical
  • technology
    • AI/ Machine learning
    • cloud
    • digital 
    • software
    • systems and devices
    • IT professional services

At endevis

Our greatest competitive edge at endevis is experienced Search Consultants and Recruiters.  Our recruitment team has an average of 11 years of experience in the business.  Our annual turnover rate is only 4% (in an industry consumed by voluntary turnover).  We have industry-specific recruiters dedicated to meet your needs.

Our process:

Furthermore, we deliver the results you deserve with metrics that reflect efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • 94% client retention
  • time-to-fill average of 43 days (all industries and specialties)
  • close ratio of offers to acceptances= 1.45 to 1
  • quality of candidates= 1 interview for every 2.3 presentations

endevis is a full-service recruitment firm specializing in the areas of healthcare, manufacturing & supply chain, technology, and accounting & finance. With solutions to fit every hiring challenge, endevis meets client needs from across the United States with physical locations in Toledo, OH, Cleveland, OH, Nashville, TN, & Jersey City, NJ as well as countless virtual employees across the country.

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