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How to onboard new employees for quicker integration and performance

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How to onboard new employees for quicker integration and performance

Want to know the secret to high turnover? Spend a ton of time crafting an amazing recruitment and hiring process, and then dump that outstanding new hire at his or her desk with a pat on the back and a hearty “good luck,” with maybe a welcome lunch thrown in.

A good employer has an onboarding plan. A great one has a serious, 90-day (or more) document worked up before that new hire’s first day — and it’s editable. What else can the savvy operation do to ensure its new people are comfortable, confident — and competent — in a reasonably short period of time? (Small hint: Millennials have become the largest demographic group in the U.S. workforce, according to the Pew Research Center, so this to-do roster is going to skew toward their specific issues.)

Address gaps in knowledge and skills quickly. No new hire is going to be that “unicorn,” someone who brings every skill to the table. This is especially true if it’s a new role, or one that has been tinkered with to meet more company objectives since the previous employee’s departure. Be ready to train that person, and to let them take the lead on any training classes or programs they think could be valuable.

Mobility is not a bad word. Unlike generations before them, Millennials have no issue at all changing jobs friendly. Studies show 75 percent of them say it’s good for their career. You don't have to have an endless supply of perks but do find the balance between keeping that employee happy and making sure organizational goals are being met so that everyone wins.

Invest the whole team. A new hire in IT should get to know the IT department; they’re going to be collaborators, after all. He or she should also get the opportunity to interface and embed with sales, marketing, support and other departments IT touches. Silos are swell for farms, but lousy for business.

Need some help with an onboarding overhaul? At endevis, we know how to find the right candidates, and how to help employers keep them. Let’s talk about how to make your company an open and welcoming workplace that values its employees and also gets the maximum value from the whole team.

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