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COVID-19 brings sought after changes to the recruitment process

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Chris Nichols
COVID-19 brings sought after changes to the recruitment process

Coronavirus brings necessary changes to recruiting in an unfortunate time

Innovation in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition has been occurring at a rapid pace.  However, innovation to process has occurred more slowly than in innovation to technology.

For years, HR & TA have been relegated to following operational-led efficiencies rather than their own.  Many organizations, despite of record low unemployment, have remained steadfast in long, drawn-out hiring procedures. 

You know the ones I'm talking about...  The three phone screen, four face-to-face interview 3-month ordeal that has plagued swift talent acquisition movement in favor of finding the "right" fit.

We believe we are now entering a time where Human Resources and Talent Acquisition can finally change the process for good and rid your company of outdated practices such as "gotcha" questions and extended time-to-hire.

What Changes Now?

  1. Video Interviewing - The most notable change coming to talent acquisition is the rapid adoption of video technology that allows for virtual interviews to take place face-to-face rather than traditional phone interviews.  
  2. Questioning - "Tell me about a situation when..." & "What is your greatest strength/weakness?"  We have all heard questions like this, but now is a great time to activate our active listening skills while interviewing.
    1. Ask questions like "Tell me about yourself" and let the conversation flow from there.  Building questions upon answers. 
  3. Feedback - Just over half (52%) of managers respond to fewer than half of candidates who apply for a job and nearly 70% of candidates say they are less likely to buy from a company with poor candidate experience
    1. Don't leave people without an answer.  Say something, even if it's no. 
    2. Avoid auto-knockout questions that send immediate disqualification emails.
    3. If you're a B2C brand, include a discount code for your product to keep the candidate engaged!

Take Your Time

During this time, make sure you provide relevant training for your operations team.  The more helpful you are during this time, you will become more of a resource for your company when we exit this pandemic.  

Curious to learn more about how endevis is helping small companies get bigger and big companies get better? Let’s talk about your recruiting strategy, and how we can help. 

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