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Is Your Recruiter Working With You, or For You?

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Is Your Recruiter Working With You, or For You?

Choosing a partner for recruiting, on-boarding, and retention is essential for success. The right placement partner can pay dividends, or have dire consequences, for companies of all sizes.

That’s why, when considering recruitment process outsourcing, or RPO, it’s vital to work with a partner who understands your company, and your industry’s landscape. That way, you’re tapped into a source that’s helping with staffing functions now and into the future.

To make the agreement work, understand that an RPO provider is a colleague, a team of people invested in your company’s success. Yes, they’re a vendor in the sense that you’re billed for their services, but they’re providing a core operational need and supporting a major area of company growth. In short, they’re not an employee and should be viewed as working with you, not for you.

Everyone focused on one thing: your company’s growth.

Why is that distinction important? Because while you’re going to have the last say when it comes to hiring, an RPO provider will work diligently to bring you the right candidates for the right positions at the right time. They’ll also be working to leverage your company’s name in the marketplace, so that good candidates are aware of you, and what you do — and want to come on board.

By trusting your RPO partner, you’ll tap into staff, technology, and systems that create a recruiting, assessing, and on-boarding structure far beyond what you could do on your own without creating a full-service, and expensive, HR department. Here are some of the elements an RPO provider can offer when it comes to building and executing on a recruitment and hiring process:

  •   Candidate pool development
  •   Compliance and risk management
  •   Analytics platform development
  •   Brand development
  •   Workforce planning specific to employer needs
  •   Pre-employment screening
  •   Pipeline development/graduate recruitment

Expect more from your Applicant Tracking Systems

Let’s take analytics, for example. Your applicant tracking system should provide hiring and recruiting tools that learn from your needs. With cutting edge tools utilizing machine learning and automation, you can find any person or skill set via a massive talent graph. Outsourced partners can connect you with an instant talent pipeline ranked by best match, speeding up time-to-hire and saving your company time and money.

All this happens because you’ve been willing to engage with an outside expert, one that can speak your language when it comes to your business and the end-users you serve. The best partnerships happen when talented people are allowed to excel at what they do, both individually and working as a team. That’s precisely the kind of relationship we build with our clients, and it’s why we, and they, are growing rapidly.

Curious about how RPO can help you meet staffing goals faster, smarter, and more cost-effectively? Click here for more information.

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