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How an RPO can benefit small businesses

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How an RPO can benefit small businesses

A multifaceted relationship creates much more than a staffing resource

A fully-staffed HR department is expensive. At most startups and small companies, it’s one or maybe two people, and they are overwhelmed as growth kicks into high gear. They turn to a variety of resources such as staffing firms for assistance and usually are two steps behind what the business needs at any given point.            

Recruitment process outsourcing reduces and controls these costs by streamlining the recruiting process and managing the people, process, technology, and strategy associated with hiring. It also frees up internal recruiting staff to perform other duties. 

An RPO partner can come in, take a look at immediate and future hiring needs, and begin to put a plan into place for recruiting and onboarding top-quality candidates. That frees up internal resources to begin building a culture around the current staff and ensure that new hires have a smooth transition into their roles.

Faster turn on hiring and higher-quality staff 

Even the happiest employee doesn’t want to do twice the work and put in long hours with no end in sight. If current staff sees no light at the end of the tunnel in terms of support and a larger workforce, they will leave. An overloaded HR team can’t pivot quickly enough to fill a lot of spots at once, and they’re getting burned out well.

Now swap that image with a system that is out there recruiting quality candidates and has several on tap when there’s an opening. Instead of waiting weeks or even months for a role to be filled, interviews can be scheduled, and the process can start once the internal team has settled on the specifics of the role.

Better in-market branding and strong retention

The result of faster onboarding, and hiring the right people the first time around, is a cohesive team that genuinely enjoys what they are doing.

A happy team also stays put, reducing the cycle of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding. That saves the company money, which can be plowed into R&D and other mission-critical elements that will fuel more growth. As that happens, your RPO partner can proactively plan for the talents and abilities the next wave of hires is going to need.

Curious to learn more about how endevis is helping small companies get bigger without a lot of headaches around recruiting, onboarding, and retention? Let’s talk about your strategy, and how we can help. 

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