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Cybersecurity threats to watch for in 2023

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Cybersecurity threats to watch for in 2023

According to security magazine, there are 4 threats that organizations need to be aware of in 2023:

1. Ransomware groups are continuing to offer evolving products with targeted services.  

Vulnerabilities are reducing in quantity, but they are increasing in severity.  Some of the biggest threats last year came from vulnerabilities within companies.

2.  World events

World events have placed a huge threat to cybersecurity in recent months, which will continue into 2023.  Russia's invasion of Ukraine has increased threats, especially in pro-NATO countries like the U.S.  KillNet is the largest threat to date.  It is a pro-Russian group that gained credibility by orchestrating DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks against supporters of NATO, including both countries and organizations.

3.  Monetizing Criminal Service

Hackers have found a way around Multi-factor authentication (MFA).  Threat actors utilize OTP bypass services to find a way around MFA systems.  In 2023, there will be a need for cybersecurity professionals to combat this growing threat.

4.  Use of Information Stealers

In 2023, the use of information stealers will continue.  At the beginning of 2022, there was a spike in this threat across the board, and it will continue to rise in 2023.

Threat actors constantly change and adapt their methods to remain on top of "the good guys." Companies must ensure that their cybersecurity team is equipped and trained to handle the worst threats moving forward in 2023.

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