The 5 Most Patriotic Industries

2AS2MYMJM9A sense of pride and celebration is ringing throughout our land as the anniversary of the birth of our country approaches.  In honor of the 4th of July, we’d like to take a glimpse in to our top 5 list of most patriotic jobs and industries:

1. The United States Armed Forces – With our President as Commander in
Chief and the Secretary of the Department of Defense (DoD) controlling each branch of the military, The United States Armed Forces tops off our list.
According to Forbes, the DoD has over 3.2 million employees making it the world’s largest “company”.

Fun fact: The People’s Liberation of China and Walmart come in at #2 and #3 respectively. However, we realize becoming a soldier, or working at Walmart for that matter, doesn’t interest everyone.  Keep in mind there are plenty of civilian opportunities available in the
DoD and military.

2. First Responders – These everyday heroes risk their lives regularly so our country can be a safer place. From firefighters, and law enforcement officers, to EMTs,
paramedics, and emergency room nurses, we simply can’t live without these individuals.

3. Politics – Many people get in to politics because they want to influence change in society.  Politicians are typically elected in to a position of leadership in the government to help make decisions on public policy.  Those who are truly patriotic have the public’s best interests at heart. They sacrifice countless hours serving the American people and protecting our freedom.

4. Education – Teachers have an incredibly strong impact on the young minds in our country. Their classrooms serve as a safe and sound environment for learning and they provide the tools and knowledge required to educate our youth. Just about everyone can look back on their school hood years and think of at least one teacher who had a positive influence on their life.  Teachers not only care for their current students, but for the adults they will become in the future.

5. Environmental Science – Environmental Science is one of the STEM subjects that has received major attention in recent years due to our nation’s reliance on technical and scientific advancements.  Environmental Scientists conduct research and apply science to protect the environment and human health. Similar to teachers, Environmental Scientists not only have an impact on the way we live and literally breathe today, but also influence how our land will be like many years down the road.