Top 5 Best Resume Tips Ever


Follow these tips to get your resume in to the right hands

There’s no doubt there is endless advice on how to write the “perfect resume”.  Search the keyword “resume tips” and you will get over 100 million results to choose from.  There are articles on how to construct the perfect objective.  And information on what mistakes to avoid when crafting your curriculum vitae. That’s fancy for a summary of your experience which is pretty much like a resume.  There’s even advice on how to convert your resume in to an awe-inspiring infographic that will wow hiring managers.

All this information is fantastic.  But statistics show that 75% of big companies use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to screen candidates.  To cut through the clutter I came up with the 5 best tips to increase your chances of getting your resume past the ATS, and in to a hiring manager’s hands.

  1. Use keywords.  Your resume should showcase the skills, projects and experience that matches keywords to your job.  A common resume hack is to look for keywords in the job listing that applies to your experience and pepper them in to your resume.  These keywords will be picked up by the ATS but use caution by not overloading on them.  An ATS may weed you out if it looks like you “stuffed” your resume with too many keywords.
  2. List specifics.  It’s important to quantify your work as much as you can.  For example:
  • A.  Implemented customer service software resulting in a 75% decrease in customer complaints
  • B.  Implemented customer service software

As you can see, example A. is  much more detailed and paints a clear picture of                         how successful the candidate’s efforts were.

  1.  Keep it clean and concise.  Your resume should be well-structured and easy-to-read from top to bottom.  Pretty pictures and flashy graphics are great if you’re a graphic designer…and sending your resume directly to an employer’s email.  Straight black and white text works best when it comes to submitting your resume through an ATS. Also make sure to only include the most relevant information in your resume.  I hate to say it but no one cares if you’re a foodie.  Aren’t we all?
  2.  Make it mobile.  This tip is great not only for applying through an ATS but for applying on many mobile friendly job sites.  According to online audience measurement company comScore, mobile devices and tablets make up 60% of all digital media time.  Once your resume makes it through the ATS, it better be ready to be viewed on any device.  Our friends at Online Resume Builders have a cool and easy-to-use tool to help you build a mobile optimized resume.  Check it out today!
  3.  List your most relevant and impressive details first.  It takes 7 seconds to make a first impression.  While I’m not sure if this applies in the virtual screening world, many sources say this is true of us humans.  Once your resume hits the hiring manager’s desk,  pull them in by listing your most valuable skills and experience at the top.

When it’s all said and done you should have a well crafted resume that’s set up for applicant screening success.  That said, you shouldn’t bank on just one way to search and apply to jobs.  Now for my not so shameless plug.  There are two great services that help get your resume in front of even more employers and recruiters.  The first is ResumeZapper.  ResumeZapper instantly “zaps” your resume to recruiters looking for candidates just like you.  The second awesome service is Resume Rabbit.  Rather than spend hours posting your resume to every job board under the sun let ResumeRabbit post it to almost 100 job boards at once!  To learn more visit ResumeZapper and ResumeRabbit today!


Highlights from the Occupational Employment and Wages Summary

Find these types of professions and more on

Find these types of occupations and more on

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ released updated data for their Occupational Employment Statistics program on Wednesday revealing that office and administrative support occupations represent over 15 percent of total national employment. Information and record clerks, with m ore than 5.5 million jobs was the largest office and administrative occupation.

Other highlights from the data release are as follows:

Healthcare had employment of 12 million with registered nurse being the largest occupation in this industry
Construction continues to see positive gains in employment with laborers, carpenters, and electricians among the largest construction occupations
• 64% of entry-level employment only require a high school diploma or equivalent such as retail sales representative occupations, customer service representatives, and cashiers
• 70% of the Top 10 STEM occupations included software developers, and computer user support specialists
• With nearly 8.6 million jobs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, STEM occupations had an annual mean wage of $87,570, compared with $45,700 for non-STEM occupations
• The largest occupations overall were food and beverage serving workers (7 million), health diagnosing and treating practitioners (4.9 million), and sales representatives (4.6 million)

The Art of the Job Search – Always Be Looking

You may have heard the phrase “Always Be Learning.” To be the best you can be, in your professional and personal life, this certainly holds true. We can and should always be learning. Learning doesn’t cease just because we receive a degree or reach a certain age. We can always learn more about our surroundings and others.

There is another phrase to follow in life – Always Be Looking. If the recession and economic uncertainty of past years taught us one thing, it could be that we never know the real security of our jobs and lifestyles. One day we can have it all, and the next day be forced to look for a new opportunity. While the shock of being laid off or having our companies close cannot be lessened through preparation, we should always be learning and looking. Looking for other opportunities in our field, or in other fields, and keeping our options open.

Know Where Your Industry is Going. Are the number of job opportunities growing in your field, or are positions like yours disappearing? By constantly looking for job opportunities, you can spot trends, gain the education you need, and be proactive in your career.

Give Yourself Goals. Research jobs you would want down the road. If you are in college or a training school, look for positions you would want to apply to after graduation. If you are in a field and want to move up (and who doesn’t), look at the descriptions and requirements of those jobs that would appeal to you in 1 year, 5 years, or more. Create a path to success by gaining the education and experience needed for those positions.

Create a Game Plan for a Worst-Case Scenario. If you lost your job next week, what would be your first steps? By regularly researching the types of jobs available in your field, and the companies where you would want to work, you would have knowledge of where to begin your next aggressive job search. is a job board with a focus of putting America Back to Work. If you are ready to continue (or begin) your resolution to Always Be Looking, visit our site to conduct tailored job searches and research tools available to reach employers and recruiters across the nation. As always, the team wishes you success!

Job Boards – Still the Kings of Online Career Tools

ImageNow is the time to look for the job you want.

A recent statement by the Department of Labor* shows the U.S. job market experienced higher-than-expected growth so far in the first quarter of 2014. With more employers looking to fill positions, now is the time to begin or revive your job search. is here to be a resource for you in each step of the job searching process.

Job boards still rule the online career services market. and other job boards are experiencing significant growth in people visiting the site and becoming registered members. Career services and development sites had over 64 million visitors in February.** In a joint survey conducted by and, 31% of users were unfamiliar with professional networking sites beyond job boards. When it comes to finding job listings, career advice and services, and learning more about educational opportunities, job boards are still king for job seekers and recruiters. has all the tools to help you find the right job now.

Here are some ways to get the most from your account.

  • Put yourself in front of recruiters and employers advertising positions through job postings.  You can search for jobs by title, location, or both.
  • Find the hidden job market – those employers not currently advertising positions – by posting your resume. Employers search our resume database every day for potential candidates. offers a range of resume tools to help you create your resume and promote it with recruiters.
  • Sign up for email job alerts. We send you jobs that match your profile directly to your inbox.
  • Read The Job Blog and follow on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn for even more career tools and news.

*United States Department of Labor OPA News Release, March 7, 2014; “Statement of Labor Secretary Perez on February employment numbers”

** comScore Media Metrix, February 2014


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Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

300x250_NewYear_2012_SunriseIf you’re like many job seekers across the country, your #1 New Year’s resolution isn’t to lose weight, quit smoking, or get more organized.  It’s to find a new job.  Lucky for you, the start of the new year means the beginning of hiring season for companies across the country.

To increase your chances of landing a great job fast, we’ve compiled this quick checklist to help kick start your new year’s job search:

  • Update and post your resume  – If you want to increase your chances of landing a great job, a well-written resume is a must.
  • Customize your cover letters – Many companies require a cover letter along with an application, so make sure each cover letter you submit speaks directly to the job you’re applying for.
  • Network – In addition to applying to jobs online, be sure to also reach out to all your connections on and offline to learn of potential job opportunities.
  • Follow-Up – Some companies list their HR Department’s contact information on their website. If you’d like to express further interest in a job you’ve applied to, you can humbly inquire over the phone.

In addition to having a professional resume and cover letter, you can also speed up your job search by applying to jobs in industries that are showing the most growth.  Check out our listings in these top industries that are hiring in 2014 today!

Need to Find a Job Fast? These Companies are Hiring Now!

Tis the season to get a new job!

Tis the season to get a new job!

Now is the time to update your profile and resume to showcase your skills and qualifications to the thousands of employers hiring for the holiday season. While many job seekers take a break from their search this time of year, this is your chance to get a leg up on the competition by proactively searching and applying to the plethora of jobs found on our site. Here is an overview of the top 5 companies hiring this month:

UPS – with over 4,400 independently owned locations nationwide, and over 1,900 operating facilities, UPS tops off our list of Top 5 companies hiring this month.  With the holidays just around the corner, UPS is staffing up in almost every department in preparation for seasonal deliveries.

AT&T – With 883,835 miles of network fiber and 135,662 hotspots worldwide, AT&T is continually bringing on new team members to assist customers in their retail stores, service centers and even in their homes.  If you enjoy helping others and love learning about new technologies, AT&T is the employer for you.

Macy*s – If there’s one major retailer that’s been extremely public about its current hiring spree it’s the one and only Macy*s.  With 840 stores in 45 states, and over 175,000 employees making up its diverse workforce, Macy*s continues to be a premier retailer across the globe.  If you thrive in the hustle and bustle of a fast paced retail environment than apply now for a holiday job at this major Department Store.

Petco – As if holiday shopping for our two-legged family members isn’t enough, the pet supply industry is proving that our four-legged friends along with pets of all kinds are now reaping the benefits of the holiday season. Petco is another major retailer that’s gearing up this month by adding pet groomers, dog walkers, cashiers and more to their existing locations across the country.

Firestone – As the oldest tire company in America, Firestone can provide job security to anyone interested in working for this current car maintenance chain.  Whether you’re a self-proclaimed grease monkey or a true blue customer service queen or king, Firestone offers job openings in a variety of capacities.

While these companies currently have thousands of available jobs, the holiday hiring season will be wrapping up sooner than you may think.  Don’t put off your job search for another day.  Login to your account, make sure your profile and resume are up-to-date and apply your way to your next great job.  Good Luck!

We’re More than Just a Job Board

joblogoWelcome to  We’ve been connecting people with jobs dating back to 2001.  But with a name like, we’d be remiss not to provide our good visitors with an experience that fully encompasses the job searching world.  Yes, you can search an exceedingly large amount of jobs (1 million to be exact), on our site.  Yes, as an employer or recruiter, you can advertise your jobs and access almost 11 million resumes in our nationwide database.  And yes, you can find all the standard bells and whistles that are typical of the modern-day job board.  What makes unique are the people and partners who work behind the scenes to make our content and services different from what you will find anywhere else.

Take for example, our resume builder wizard.  It’s a free tool that helps our job seekers create a professional looking resume from scratch.  You can try it out for yourself by creating a free account or logging in to your career dashboard.

In addition to all the cool tools has to help you with your job search, we’re also taking the time to seek out the concerns our job seekers face when trying to find the right job. From Facebook to YouTube, we’re actively engaging with our fans to discover new content ideas to help guide them down the often rough road of job hunting.

We also have a Career Advice & News Center where you can find information on everything from basic job searching and career advice,  to local job and employment news.  We even cover fun and interesting topics surrounding the themes of “Work Home Life Balance” and “Celebrity.”

The fact of the matter is that all of us working here at have been in the job search game at one time or another and realize that it takes a whole lot more than simply submitting a couple of applications to find employment.  More often than not it takes hours of networking,  and researching, and resume prepping to gain that coveted interview in the hopes to land the job you’ve worked so long and hard for.  And that is why we are here.  To provide you with not only the most relevant jobs to your search, but also interesting and informative posts, articles and essays to help you along the way.  We thank you for visiting us at and hope that you continually use our service to find what you’re looking for.

Visit our home page to search jobs, post your resume and more now >>

Have an idea for an article/blog post/video?  Let us know.  We’d love to hear from you!

Meet the New and Improved

So it’s mid February and all the hype of a new year has pretty much come to an end.  Those gung-ho resolutions of being a better you which included, weight loss, saving money and finding a new job may appear to be fading in the rear view mirror of January’s past, but alas, the year is far from over.  And in the spirit of change, the team is happy to share that we’ve made some major improvements to change the look of our site and your job search.  Here are some of our favorite updates and additions:

1.  Squeaky Clean Interface – We understand that the job search process can be a messy one.  With so many employers and advertisers vying for a job seeker’s attention these days, there needs to be as little distraction as possible to help you focus on what’s most important…the jobs!  That’s why we cleaned out the clutter and simplified’s design to help you concentrate on your job search.  From or sleek new home page, to our improved application process, you will find that our site is a sight for a job seeker’s sore eyes.

2.  Faceted Search Filters – Searching through pages of job listings just to find the one perfect job to apply to is daunting and extremely overwhelming.

Faceted Search Filters

Find the perfect job using our Faceted Search Filters

That’s why we implemented faceted search filters to help narrow down your search.  Our newly added facets let you filter our jobs by industry, company, job title and location so you can view those jobs that are most relevant to your search.

3.  New Career Dashboard – Once logged in to your account, you will arrive at your new Career Dashboard where you can access resume tools, career advice and new job listings all in one place.  Sticking with the theme of simplicity, your Career Dashboard has been designed to keep your job search organized as well as provide the career advancing tools you need to succeed.

As you continue your hunt for a new job, the team is working behind the scenes developing new products and features that will make it easier for you to accomplish your job and career goals.  There are many additional changes on the horizon and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as they’re rolled out.  Until then, spend some time rooting around the new and give us your feedback by commenting on this post.

Search jobs on the new now!

How to Prepare for a Job Search

A job search may seem straight forward.  Start looking through postings online, ask your friends and colleagues who’s hiring, and start hitting the “submit your resume” button like crazy.  Sounds simple enough.

But job hunting, like any worthwhile endeavor, can always benefit from preparation and organization.

The video below outlines how a little planning can go a long way in helping you land the right job: