The Top 10 Companies Hiring Like Crazy in September

workIf you’ve been waiting for the summer to end before getting serious about your job search, the wait is now over.  Summer has unofficially ended and we’re seeing a ton of job posting activity on In fact, we’ve found jobs in a variety of industries. Check out our top 10 employers hiring this month below:

1. Healthcare Employment Network – All RN specialties needed! Check out listings in your location now.

2. Parallon – This company provides business and operational services for hospitals and other medical institutions. Jobs range from project management to scheduling, and supply chain to customer service.

3. United States Army – The U.S. army offers a wide range of job opportunities for both military and civilian personnel.

4. Pizza Hut – Got restaurant industry experience? Check out Pizza Hut listings near you.

5. Compass Group – Compass Group provides food service and additional support services for restaurants, corporate cafes, hospitals, schools, arenas, and museums. They are in need of chefs, managers, marketers, and more.

6. Randstad – Randstad is one of the largest staffing organizations in the United States. They provide temporary, temp-to-hire and permanent placement services.  Check out their job openings and see if there’s an opportunity for you.

7. McDonald’s – The company behind the golden arches is looking for all types of employees from line cooks to general managers. Submit your McApplication today!

8. Home Depot – Retail is booming this time of year. With fall just around the corner, Home Depot is staffing up to prepare for all those homeowner’s hitting the store for supplies to winterize their home.

9. UnitedHealth Group – Best known for their health care coverage, UnitedHealth Group is not only hiring Healthcare Consultants (with the option to telecommute) but also a variety of business and administrative positions. You should check them out.  We bet they have a killer benefits package!

10. Best Version Media – Best Version Media publishes community focused magazines across the U.S. They are continually growing and have earned a number of awards throughout 2016 alone. The majority of their jobs are within the sales arena.


The Top States for Job Opportunities

mapWhen it comes to plentiful employment opportunities, we all know some areas are experiencing more job growth over others. We took a look at the top 10 states with the most jobs in our database and listed their top 3 cities in terms of job volume.

  1.  California – 280,000 total jobs
  2. Texas – 200,000 total jobs
  3. New York – 125,000 total jobs
  4. Florida – 135,000 total jobs
  5. Illinois – 143,000 total jobs
  6. Pennsylvania – 123,000 total jobs
  7. Ohio – 123,000 total jobs
  8. Virginia – 90,000 total jobs
  9. Georgia – 89,000 total jobs
  10. North Carolina – 84,000 total jobs

Industries to Watch in 2014

Forbes magazine recently released information about the top fastest-growing industries in 2014.  The information comes from Sageworks, a financial information company that analyzes the performance of privately held companies and finds trends in profitability and expansion.  What do the findings mean for job seekers?

Manufacturing and farming on the rise – For anyone with experience on an assembly line, with certain types of farming, or in the front office, jobs in the manufacturing and farming fields may be a good next step.  These fields are diverse, as is the amount of experience required for each position.    

How handy are you? There is significant growth expected in the personal and household goods repair and maintenance field.  If you have the ability to fix furniture, lawn care equipment, and even jewelry, there may be a position for you.

Calling all IT professionals – The IT infrastructure plays a vital role in the success of any business, so IT professionals are in extremely high demand.  In this field you have the flexibility to work in an array of environments and industries.

Do you like helping others? Employment services professionals specialize in the placement of temporary workers to business executives.  Working in this field, you would help companies and job seekers alike. 

A good time to be an entrepreneur – As the housing market continues to improve, real estate agencies and broker offices are expected to continue their growth in profitability.  Now is a great time to enter the field, and a great first step is finding a local real estate class information session.  Entrepreneurs could also look into opportunities to provide services to any of the growing fields listed among the findings.


Fastest-growing industries (privately-held companies only) – Growth between December 2012 – December 2013

  1. Support activities for mining – 21%
  2. Oilseed and grain farming – 20%
  3. Beverage manufacturing – 20%
  4. Agriculture, construction, and mining machinery manufacturing – 20%
  5. Other crop farming – 18%
  6. Computer systems design and related services – 16%
  7. Offices of real estate agents and brokers – 16%
  8. Chemical and allied products merchant wholesalers/distributors – 16%
  9. Personal and household goods repair and maintenance – 16%
  10. Employment services – 15%

Source: Forbes “Industries To Watch In 2014: The 10 Fastest-Growing Fields” December 29, 2013