How to construct a job description

Charlie Meek

Charlie Meek

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As recruitment industry veterans we understand how difficult it can be to craft a new job ad. With the nation’s unemployment rate at a 10-year low , we’re now in a job seeker’s market and the competition for top talent is fierce. So how do you make your job stand out from the thousands of openings online today? This guide provides the steps you can take to increase the response to your job postings and attract better talent for your business.

1. Job Title

When it comes to writing an effective job title, keep it simple. To help you create an attention-grabbing title, put yourself in the job seeker’s shoes and consider the search keywords they would use. Next, take a look at what other employers are using to attract candidates for similar roles.

Keep in mind that job titles containing one-to-three words have higher application rates. More specifically, job titles between 51 and 60 characters long are clicked on 40% more than titles that are shorter or longer.

And, here’s another trade industry secret: Recruitment sites give preference to job titles that have the most relevance to a search- i.e. if you post a position for a “Systems Administrator” it will typically rank above other postings that use variations such as “Linux Administrator”, “Jr. Systems Administrator” or “Systems Administrator - Security”.

The exception: At the end of your job title add a hook like perks such as a competitive salary or signing bonus, like the 5% sign on bonus included in all your Job.com job postings.

2. The Job Description

Writing a compelling job description is like writing a personal ad. The goal to attracting the perfect candidate is to tell the job seeker what you’re looking for, and what you’re bringing to the table.

For example, here’s the first part of the job description we use for our Regional Account Manager position:

Job.com is looking for Regional Account Managers. We are the first hiring solution to turn recruitment fees into rewards by giving a 5% signing bonus to candidates. Our goal is to evolve the traditional recruitment model using matching technology, smart contracts on the blockchain, enhanced feedback and financial incentives.

Sounds like a great company to work for, right? Your summary should get the job seeker to understand what your company is about and help them assess whether they’re a good match. Note: the job title should always be found in the first line of the summary which will improve your search results ranking and visibility with the job seekers you’re targeting.

Next, list out the requirements of the job. Be upfront and thorough about the mandatory skills, but use caution when adding on your wishlist qualities. While “preferred” skills can add top-notch talent to your shortlist, some applicant screening software may filter out qualified candidates that don’t meet all your “nice to have” criteria.

Finally, keep it short and concise. Just as you may scan a resume for certain bits of information, job seekers will do the same with your job description. In fact, there is a science to it. Job descriptions between 501 and 1,000 characters are applied to 5 times more frequently than descriptions that are shorter or longer.

3. Salary

This is the section of the job description that seals the deal for most job seekers. An online survey revealed that salaries and benefits are the most important pieces of information job seekers look for when researching job ads. Unless your salary offering is below market average, it is advantageous for you to include that and company benefits in the job description. Studies across a variety of job ads have proven that the more benefits listed in a job, the higher the application rate.

4. Benefits

A salary coupled with monetized company benefits is like the one-two punch your ad needs to stand out. The key is to frame any intrinsic benefits as a salary bonus, such as time off, or a remote position that saves on gas. In doing so, you’re demonstrating to job seekers that you value your employees and prioritize a balanced company culture. It has been shown that jobs with a range of benefits have equal apply rates compared to those jobs with a just higher salary alone.

5. Culture

While it’s a common conception that only millennials seek out companies with a progressive culture, there’s evidence that everyone wants to make an impact and feel part of a larger community. Organizations that invest in their culture and clearly articulate their unique employer value proposition are those that will win the war for talent.

A report revealed that only 41% of the Fortune 500’s career sites include content on why candidates would want to work for them. Stand out and include enticing information that gives candidates a sense of your work environment to give your job an edge over the competition and help drive up your application rate.

Now that you have the knowledge to write a job ad that gets you more of the best candidates for your business, it’s time to start writing!


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