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What is recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)?

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What is recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)?

As in other areas of a company’s operations, there are a lot of acronyms in Human Resources starting with HR itself. One you may have seen or heard of lately is RPO or recruitment process outsourcing. And given how much it can help with employee recruiting, onboarding, and retention ROI (there we go again), it’s worth a closer look.

RPO is the process of transferring a portion (or in some cases, all) of its employee-recruitment process to an outside provider. That company then integrates (think Applicant Tracking System access & company email addresses) with the HR department to supplement hiring operations.

So, what does that do for you? It allows you to leverage an internal HR department with a strong, deep bench of outside support that includes all the staff, technology, and systems to expand recruiting and onboarding practices. You get better people, and you get them faster—and chances are, you’ll hold onto them longer, so retention becomes a bonus with RPO as well.

Here are some of the elements an RPO provider can offer when it comes to building and executing on a recruitment and hiring process:

  • Candidate pool development
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Analytics platform development
  • Brand development
  • Workforce planning specific to employer needs
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Pipeline development/graduate recruitment

RPO solutions create connections to quality talent.

In a competitive job market, it is crucial to make and maintain connections to qualified candidates. An RPO partner can focus on proven tools and tactics to engage previous applicants and draw new candidates to your company. For most companies, your brand as an employer is equally critical to long-term success as customer and client relationships. RPO provides a partner, committed to your company's success, and dedicated resources to broaden your applicant pipeline and consistently deliver positive interactions with your future workforce.

For many companies, particularly smaller ones, most of these key functions can strain existing resources. RPO allows them to tap into a much fuller, more robust HR capacity, which in turn helps with employee development practices and processes that support stronger, faster overall corporate growth.

That’s vital, especially in a region where unemployment is low, and the battle for qualified candidates is fierce. Having an RPO provider means that recruitment is never ignored or handled on a “just in time” basis to fill open positions. Instead, it’s an ongoing and integral part of company development.

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