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Remote Work Skyrockets

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Remote Work Skyrockets

After the pandemic, remote work has become increasingly popular among employees and employers.  According to emsi, the percentage of remote positions has more than tripled since the start of the pandemic in early 2020.   What does this mean for a company?

The Benefits of Offering Remote Work

Companies cannot afford to ignore this trend among employees.  Now, the majority of employees prefer or expect remote work to be an option when they are searching for a job.  There are 5 major benefits to employers who allow remote work as an option:

Finding Talent

With more employees looking for remote work, it means that there is more opportunity to grow the company outside of its immediate geographical area.  the expansion of hiring efforts to other regions allows for a better chance of finding the ideal candidate in today's labor market.  

Cost Savings

If you are willing to go fully remote, you can opt out of the office payment each month.  Even if only some of your employees are remote, the company can still save on things like water, equipment, furniture, etc.

Work Environment

Working remote, forces employees to communicate with team members more efficiently.  This can promote a positive work environment within the company.  In addition to communicating efficiently, remote employees tend to be happier than people that work in the office, which will also reflect positively on your company.

Time Off Decreases

Employees that work in the office are more likely to stay home from work if they are feeling a little under the weather.  However, if they are already at home, they are more willing to work because they do not have to travel to the office, and they can rest as needed.

Not only does this apply for when they are sick, but also for when they have doctor's appointments or unexpected events happen.  For example, throughout the pandemic, kids were sent home from school unexpectedly, which means that parents had to take off work if they did not have childcare.  Contrastingly, if the parents were working remote, they could still work while they watched their children.  Having the flexibility to make your work schedule work around your day, goes a long ways with the younger generation of employees.

Effective use of Time

Employees are more productive when they work from home.  The distractions from coworkers and from being in the office are gone when they work remotely.  Also, a business has the option to be open 24/ 7 with remote work as an employee can be anywhere in the world.

Now you are an expert in the benefits of remote work, what will you decide to do?  We understand that not every organization / industry is able to have remote working options available to their employees.  but, we do expect that you will take these points into consideration if you have employees that would be willing to work remotely.


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