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3 Trends That Define The Evolution Of Employee Recruiting In 2019

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3 Trends That Define The Evolution Of Employee Recruiting In 2019

In a world of change, some foundational good-business elements remain. For instance, finding, on-boarding and retaining high-quality employees remains an essential core business function. 

How those employees are obtained is another matter entirely. While the hiring process remains a uniquely personal interaction, there’s no disputing the large and growing role that technology plays in the process. Here are some trends that developed, or continued to evolve, during 2019:

Automated Job Postings

Algorithms, predictive analytics and more have come to this basic HR function. Programs have been designed to look at market data and an employer’s advertising history to create reporting on how ads have done in the past — and how future ones could and should perform. From there, content, placement and scheduling decisions can be made to ensure that the right ad connects with the right candidates.

Augmented Ad Writing

Not the best hiring-ad creator? There’s an app for that, or probably soon will be. While automated ad generation won’t, and probably shouldn’t, remove the human equation, these programs have much to recommend them. Chief among the pros? The elimination of job-ad bias with regard to gender, age or any specific ethnicities. (This isn’t to say that hiring managers are writing negative ads, but rather than they may be unknowingly using words of phrases that could have a negative impact on a particular talent pool.)

A More Marketing-Style Approach

In tight labor markets, hiring is less about sifting through a pile of qualified candidates and more about targeted, aggressive outreach to lure in good people who may not be actively searching for a new employer. To make that happen, companies are engaging with outside partners to ensure that their messaging, branding and corporate vision are front and center in all public-facing materials, not just their recruiting content.

There’s plenty more happening on the hiring front, and more to come in 2020. Technology continues to evolve, and how employers interact with it will most definitely affect their on-boarding strategies, as well as successful recruitment and retention. Are you keeping up with the latest ways to bring in the most talented people? Let’s talk about what’s out there, and how we can leverage these tools on your behalf.


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