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  1. Thank you for visiting our blog! Be sure to sign up with us for email job alerts as well as post your resume to be found by employers searching for candidates with your experience. Good Luck!

    • Hello!

      We encourage you to register on and sign up to receive job alerts for IT opportunities in your area. It’s also important to post your updated resume to our database to be found by employers and recruiters searching for candidates like you. Best of luck in your search!

    • Hello,

      You can find jobs in travel at Just select the industry or job title you want, as well as the location where you want to work, and see the many job postings from across the U.S. You can also sign up for job alerts so we will email you the jobs in your industry directly.

      Good luck in your job search!
      The Team

  2. Looking for that right job A first shift 8 hour good paying job would be perfect But iam not picky. Really really need a job. Iam a good worker who gets along with others. Help

    • Thanks for reaching out Matthew. The best way to find a new job fast is to keep searching and applying to jobs you’re best qualified for. Reaching out to friends on social media as well as through your own personal network is also a great way to learn about new job opportunities. If you haven’t already registered and signed up to receive job alerts from us, you can do so here: Good Luck!

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