About Job.com

Job.com has been connecting people with jobs since 2001. With over 45 million registered job seekers, and over 11 million active resumes, Job.com continues to be one of the most turned to sources for finding employment. We specialize in helping employers and recruiters hire qualified employees, while providing job seekers with a variety of career and job search enhancing services, products and resources. Whether you are an employer looking for a new hire, or a candidate looking to be hired, we’re dedicated to providing a unique experience with unparalleled service. For more information, please visit http://www.Job.com/enter.

Job seekers, Join us to be part of a growing career site that can help you manage you career and find your next job.  Register with Job.com to find the new jobs in your region and industry, receive helpful resume tips, and stay up to date on the job market with industry news in our Career Advice & News page.
Looking to hire? Become a member of employer.job.com and let us show you how our customized solutions, including job postings, resume database access and branding opportunities, will help you meet your hiring needs.

Recent Press Releases:

8/18/15:  Avature Partners with Job.com

4/10/14: Job.com Launches New Tools for Job Seekers and Recruiters

4/10/13: Job.com’s New Mobile Platform Makes it a Win-Win for Employers and Job Seekers

2/6/2012: Job.com Integrates The Who? Button To Provide Social Tool for Job Seekers

1/31/2012: Job.com Partners with Jobaline to Introduce Pay-per-Pick Recruiting Technology


23 thoughts on “About Job.com

    • Thank you for your interest in utilizing Job.com to help you find employment. Please visit out website at http://www.job.com in order to register. Once your registration is complete you can apply to any job posting on our website that is of interest to you.

  1. I am retired since 1998 and I am looking for a parttime job in either Nordstrom, Mac’s, Bed Bath and Be Beyound, Marshall’s, Ross or any department store in the Gardena
    area. I am interested in a sales’ associate position.

  2. I need a job NOW. I have gone from $180,000 salary, as General Manager, Equipment Maintenance Manager in mining, 3 years ago. sent over 700 resumes to job postings I am perfectly qualified to perform., NO RESPONSE
    Lost my home, mowing lawns, wife working in motel cleaning rooms. we are now living in my truck.

    • Thank you for choosing Job.com to find your next career. We are a free service to job seekers. Please feel free to register at http://www.job.com. Once you have completed your registration and submitted your resume you can apply to any job posted. When applying please keep track of any contact information for the employers you apply with. This will allow you to follow up with them directly. Also when you submit your resume into your profile at job.com there is an option for a free resume critique through our business partner. They can offer some tips to change up your resume so it reflects your experience in the best way. We wish you luck in your search. The job.com team.

  3. I really want to work for my family so please help me find a job I am helpful and i get along with people And i really is a good person to be with and a hard working So please help me find a job from Veronica

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