The Art of the Job Search – The Job Fair

ImageThe job fair is an excellent opportunity for job seekers and recruiters alike. Potentially months of networking and learning can be done in a single day and in one location. Here are some tips for finding success at your next job fair.

Do your homework. Job seekers can obtain lists of employers who will be at a job fair ahead of time. Study which companies you want to speak with at the job fair, based on your industry, the company reputation and what types of positions they are currently recruiting.

Dress for success. Wear interview attire and comfortable shoes for standing in line, and carry a portfolio to keep your paperwork handy.

Practice your introduction. Facing a long line of prospective employees, a recruiter may only have a few moments for you to make an impression. Come up with a quick introduction highlighting your experience and enthusiasm for their company. This is the opportunity to have your questions about the company and position answered, so be sure to prepare them ahead of time as well.

Bring extra. Be sure to have extra copies of your resume, pens and notepads, and your business card to provide your name, email and phone numbers to recruiters.

Arrive early. Arrive before the job fair opens to get through checking in and get in line for your first company of choice sooner.

Make contacts. A successful job fair experience may be measured by the amount of contacts you make. Collect business cards from every recruiter with whom you speak, as well as other job seekers in line. You never know which contact could help you land your next position!

Attend any workshops or seminars. More and more job fairs have seminars for job seekers, with topics such as resumes and interviewing. Seminars are another great way to seek advice and network with recruiters. Many job fairs also feature schools that offer continuing education opportunities. To stay ahead in your field, talk to these representatives to learn about courses and certifications they offer.

Follow up. After the job fair, be sure to write a brief thank you note or email to the recruiters you meet. The note will remind the recruiter of the time and location of your introduction, and further demonstrate your enthusiasm for their company.

Job fairs are excellent opportunities to be seen by recruiters in person and learn about opportunities in your field.

Fredericksburg, Virginia Job Fair Note: will be featured at the Employment Fair at the Riverside Conference Center on Thursday, May 8, from 12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. We will offer job seekers and employers valuable tips on finding the best area positions and candidates!

For more information on the Fredericksburg, Virginia Job Fair, please visit our Facebook page to learn more.


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