Don’t Get Spooked Searching for Hourly Employment

stick_figure_ghost_spooky_400_clrWith Halloween just a couple of days away, retailers and restaurants are among the top employers that will be picking up on hiring these last couple months of the year. If hourly employment is what you’re looking for, your job search can feel a lot like trick-or-treating. Think about it.  You have to dress up, putting your best foot forward, before going door to door to inquire about work.  The entire experience isn’t for the faint of heart as it can feel alienating and downright scary.  Here are some tips and tricks to help wane off the strange energy you may feel when hunting down a holiday job:

Do your research.  It can be extremely intimidating to walk in to a potential employer’s establishment cold turkey and ask if they’re hiring.  Instead, see who’s hiring in your area beforehand so that you can save time by only approaching those businesses you know have openings to fill.

Look for jobs that suit you best.  If ditching half eaten club sandwiches and doing dirty dishes gives you the creeps, than it’s best not to bother applying for a job as dishwasher. Consider those tasks that you enjoy or at least can stomach, and start there when tracking down an hourly gig.

Fake it til you make it.  On the other half of the suitable job coin comes the squeeze yourself in to the part coin.  Never spent a day behind a cash register?  That’s quite alright. If you’re half decent at math and know how to operate a PC, or even a smart phone for that matter, you should be able to check folks out in line at the grocery store.  The key is to highlight the reasons why you’d make a good hire to showcase your ambition and drive.

Tap in to your social network.  Ok, this is one of the most overused tips out there when it comes to job searching but almost everybody knows somebody in the retail/restaurant/grocery industry.  Don’t you?  Whether you hit up your friends on Facebook or just pick up the phone, it’s important that you reach out to the people you know who can give you some good leads.

Don’t get spooked.  Rejection is a horrifying thing but it’s not an excuse to give up on your job search.  This is prime time for finding an hourly job and you owe it to yourself to put on your game winning face and score the job you want.  Just think of all the candy you’ll be able to buy when you’re raking in the cash!

Have a spooktacular job search tip you’d like to share?  Post your comments below.