Mid-Friday Motivation: Our Sunny Disposition on the Hiring Outlook

optimismAlthough the rain has taken a brief break here on the east coast, the soggy soil and saturated streets have prompted us to shed some light on what some may believe to be the dismal climate of the current job search market.  The truth is, hiring in America is improving and we’ve found a number of sources to support this belief.

For starters, June’s employment situation report released by the BLS revealed that the economy added 195,000 new jobs in June, beating economists’ expectations of 155,000 jobs.  “Where were these jobs added,” you ask?  While professional and business services (up 53,000), and retail (up 37,0000) rose last month, the biggest job gains were in leisure and hospitality (up 75,000), just as we predicted earlier this year.

However, construction has also been in our radar for producing more job opportunities,  and in June the nation’s construction industry unemployment rate fell to 9.8 percent for the first time since September 2007 with the addition of 13,000 jobs.

If professional and business services, retail, hospitality, and construction aren’t in your wheelhouse, not to worry – especially if you’re a new IT grad.  According to to a recent poll by Robert Half Technology, More than one third of U.S. chief information officers, plan to hire new IT graduates in 2013.

And for everyone else, there’s still hope.  Our friends over at Careerbuilder conducted a recent survey which showed that more employers plan to hire contract or temporary employees in the next six months than in the same period last year.  Though temp work may not be the ideal situation for many job seekers, it’s an option to be seriously considered to help hold one over while looking for long-term employment.

So the moral of the story is that the U.S. job market isn’t dismal at all.  Things are getting better and there are employers hiring in all corners of the country in a variety of industries and verticals.  Keep the faith, stay positive, and remember that searching is not enough.  Apply, apply, apply, and someday soon you’ll be walking on sunshine with a brand, spanking new job.


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