We’re More than Just a Job Board

joblogoWelcome to Job.com.  We’ve been connecting people with jobs dating back to 2001.  But with a name like Job.com, we’d be remiss not to provide our good visitors with an experience that fully encompasses the job searching world.  Yes, you can search an exceedingly large amount of jobs (1 million to be exact), on our site.  Yes, as an employer or recruiter, you can advertise your jobs and access almost 11 million resumes in our nationwide database.  And yes, you can find all the standard bells and whistles that are typical of the modern-day job board.  What makes Job.com unique are the people and partners who work behind the scenes to make our content and services different from what you will find anywhere else.

Take for example, our resume builder wizard.  It’s a free tool that helps our job seekers create a professional looking resume from scratch.  You can try it out for yourself by creating a free Job.com account or logging in to your career dashboard.

In addition to all the cool tools Job.com has to help you with your job search, we’re also taking the time to seek out the concerns our job seekers face when trying to find the right job. From Facebook to YouTube, we’re actively engaging with our fans to discover new content ideas to help guide them down the often rough road of job hunting.

We also have a Career Advice & News Center where you can find information on everything from basic job searching and career advice,  to local job and employment news.  We even cover fun and interesting topics surrounding the themes of “Work Home Life Balance” and “Celebrity.”

The fact of the matter is that all of us working here at Job.com have been in the job search game at one time or another and realize that it takes a whole lot more than simply submitting a couple of applications to find employment.  More often than not it takes hours of networking,  and researching, and resume prepping to gain that coveted interview in the hopes to land the job you’ve worked so long and hard for.  And that is why we are here.  To provide you with not only the most relevant jobs to your search, but also interesting and informative posts, articles and essays to help you along the way.  We thank you for visiting us at Job.com and hope that you continually use our service to find what you’re looking for.

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